New Capsicum plantation


Have done the plantation of green capsicum (Indra variety) one month back.
Now, facing the wilt problem and the some of the plants are dying of that .

Have attached the photos of the same.
Please suggest the remedies.


This is phytopthora fungal disease damaging roots and crown of pepper plants and also most of the other  vegetable plants at the seedlings stage .
Actually you should have treated the seedlings before planting and subsequently you should have applied fungicides like Ridomil gold 4 EC as root drenching and may be alternated with copper oxy chloride fungicide …

In case of vegetables the roots of young seedlings are damaged by combination of  many fungus pathogen like pythium , pytopthora and Rizoctonia , causing death and wilt of the young plants

Control : Avoid excess wetting of soil , apply Ridomil gold 4 EC fungicide and alternate this with Copper oxy chloride fungicide as root drenching in about next 7 days after the application of first fungicide