New Business Set up

Dear Experts ,

        Welcome to new year 2014 . I am Lokesh Karkarna . I hope our future is lied on agriculture business and GDP will improve on this factor . I am basically from Coorg and i would like to start up farming of 10 cows . But my question is Coorg receives the highest amount of rainfall and in the month of November / December / January the weather is very cold so that the temperature even reduces to 8 to 10 Degrees .And also i have field of 5 acres were the soil is composed of clay soil . so can i grow the fodder in this soil .  So could you please tell ur expert opinions so that the venture could be placed without dilemma . So please oblige

Lokesh Karkarna

To keep the barn warm:

You can spread saw dust on the floor(change it once in three days). which keeps them warm during winter.

You can have brood box with coal or firewood.

To grow fodder:

You can grow hybrid napier which has vast range of suitability for any soil.

Thanks Srini for the Quick Reponse ,

            You mean to tell that fodder can be grown throughout the year taking the account of weather into account ?

Wat would be the initial investment for 10 cows and setting up the infrastructure facilities ?


Yes. Fodder should not be a problem.

as a thumb rule  approx 1.2lacs/animal. This includes HF animals,barn, milking machine, cans and other equipments.

HF Animal ?  Could you just elaborate on this .

Barn ?

Other equipments ?

what is the output given by each cow ( Ie Milk/ Litre  ) on an average each day ( includes Morning / Evening ) .

Too much rainfall wouldnt be a problem is t ? If all goes fine can i allow the cows to Graze in the field ?


HF= Holstien Freisian. A high milk yielding  breed cow. HF yields 12-15l/day on an average.
Barn=  Shed for cow.

Other equipments: sweeping equipments, rack for medicine, medecines, mastities kit etc…

High rain fall should not be a problem.