New bore - What to do next

Hi all,
      I have put in a new bore in my farm today. i got the water at a depth of 250 Ft. I got it drilled down till 400 feet and casing up to a depth of 40 feet to make sure we have ample water supply. The water supply from the bore is of a width of 4 inch. Total cost 51000/- including all the expenses. This is a totally new bore to the farm, where there was no bore previously.

I have applied for power connection and its sanctioned. They will provide me the supply to the point of the bore.

I don’t know how to proceed further. I want to know the details of my further course of action, the HP of the pump and make of the product, should i construct a small room for the pump etc etc…

Can the forum members help and guide me further.


Bhayya AKfarms ,
You need not worry about selection of Pumpset. You approach the Pumpsets dealer in your area with the following Details.

1)Depth of the Bore:
2)Yield (Water) at the time of Drilling:
3) Draw Down Level: This will be Provided by the Driller of the Borewell :

The Pumpset Dealer will guide you in selecting the HP of the Pump Stages, At waht depth the Pumpset has to be installed etc.

If the Draw-down data is not available you select the Pumpset for keeping at a Depth of  380 Feet. But however you can erect the Pumpset at a depth of 350 Feet because  you are having sufficient water. If the water goes down when prevailing Drought Conditions you can further lower the Pumpset by adding further Pipes.

Because you are having a water of 4" you put 3" Pipe. You arrange Drip Irrigation system for your Land for easy Maintenance.If you go for flow Irrigation you need to spend much Money towards weeding etc.b Further under Drip Irrigation you can get More yield than that of Flow Irrigation while saving Maintenance.

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You don’t need a pump house. you can get a concrete slab boxes for the controllers. It comes with metal doors and can be locked. You can get these boxes either from control/pump seller or concrete pipe manufacturer.

Head+discharge calculation is important if you go for drip/microjet. You have to decide irrigation method first.

Dear AKS,

Is the yield 4" or bore dia 4"?

If the bore dia is 4" you dont have the possibility of putting higher capacity pumps like 7.5Hp and more capacity as these are 6" or more in size which is not suitable for 4" borewells.

I suggest;

A)Identify irrigation method (flood/drip/sprinkler/raingun)
B)Determine avg water requirement per day
C)Depending on the head, no of hrs of power availability & water requirement select a suitable model subject to your borewell dia.

Hope this helps!


Bore Diameter is 8 inch, and the current yield is 4 inch. People around are saying that we can get a yield of 6 inch as well if we want. I am planning to go with 6 inch pipes for better yield.

I don’t have an estimate about the average water requirement per day as the land was rain fed previously.

The total extent of the land is 11 acres. This time, at least for the monsoon season, i am planning to go with groundnut from June to Dec and then shift onto other crops like horticulture/vegetables etc… for the other half.

I am planning to get the drip/sprinkler installed after the monsoons when the crops need more water supplied manually as there are lesser rains after Dec.

I want to know are the following

  1. Whether i should install a pump immediately after the bore is drilled or i can wait till the monsoon progresses and install the pump when we see the rains slowing down.
  2. How to get a watershed basin installed around the bore that I drilled so that we have perennial water through out all the seasons. Any govt subsidies for this and whom to approach in Karnataka.

Based on your answers, further questions may arise.  ;D

If your bore Dia is 8" and the water yield is 6" you can go for Maximum 4". The reason behind is that if you go for 6" Dia Pump and Motor you may face problem in Summer. If the yield is 6" as you said it is sufficient for your 11 Acres under Drip Irrigation System which is effortless and Economical in usage of Water and Laborer charges for Weeding.

Manne sir,
        The bore was drilled last Monday as people around the area advised me to get it drilled in summers so that I get a correct idea about the depth of the bore and we will have an assumption what the water yield will be during summers. I am planning for rain fed for this monsoon and install the drip/sprinkler for the after-monsoon irrigation. If more water is needed, then I can get another bore drilled within the land as there are several points identified where we can get good water.

I wanted to know if I can leave the bore as it is through out the monsoon and install a pump after the monsoons and if there is anybody who can help with me a watershed kind of setup where in there is more seepage of water around the bore-well so that the bore doesn’t dry up fast.


One potential problem is when you drill a new borewell and leave it, chances of the slurry falling in is so high that when you put the pump in future it might get stuck. This chance is increased manifold during rainy seasons as the bore wall might collapse if casing is not sufficient.

Normally we recommend installing pump as soon as the borewell is drilled or if its late we recommend flushing once before erection.


Since u have ample water supply and large farm, go for Grundfos submersible pump. Drip / sprinkler irrigation is preferable to canal irrigation to minimise water loss. Good luck.

AKfarms Bhayyaji !
Thank you very much for your Confidence kept on our services.!

Because you have got drilled the Borewell recently i.e. last Monday, it is better to install the Pumpset IMMEDIATELY. As you said , the water yield is 6" it will be sufficient for your Land under Drip Irrigation System. To avoid wastage of water and the safe side if the water source is lowered , I have suggested you to go for 3" Delivery pipe. On your Further information of suggestion of 6" yield I have already suggested you to go for 4" only. Don’t rely upon the neighboring People’s voice. They will tell you the manner in which they like. But I am suggesting you to go for as per the Technical analysis. No problem being it is March, it is the right time to analyse the Summer water yield. If you wait up to rainy season there is possibility of silting Mud which will drain out with water on installation of pump set . If you wait up to rainy season there is a Possibility of collapsing of sides duly pressing the Casing pipe with  water Pressure. If  the water is not sufficient you can dig another Borewll at any time  duly identifying the Ground water surveyed Points. The Present Water yield will be the Ideal yield because of the Continuous Drought Conditions since 2 Years. Hence you go for installation of Pumpset as per the advise of the Driller who has drilled the Borewell . But don’t go for 6" pumpset which will be a Problem Later. You have not Provided the Specification of the 8" Casing pipe you have installed.

Kindly inform whether it is 6 Kg.Cm Square or 8 Kg. Cm.Square. If it is 6 Kg. Cm Square, take IMMEDIATE  Decision in installing the Pumpset.

Thank you with Best  Wishes,
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  Dear Friend,

    Since the extent of land is just 11 Acres a 3" pipe or even 2.5" pipe would do. First run a trail run for 3 days and then go and purchase the required motor and pump. I you don’t mind where are you placed in Bangalore and your contact number please. My no. 9032946963 or 8904904181

Any idea about the cost of setup of a 7.5 HP motor from scratch.?


HP and STAGE both matter when it comes to cost. I recently bought a 5 HP 6 stage pump for Rs. 15500 (local made). Branded ones are expensive. For the same config. it would have costed me around 25 K (Texmo). 7.5 HP 8 Stage was around Rs. 18500 (local).

GI pipe costs around Rs. 1400 (one length of 20 feet). Cost of power cable varies from Rs. 45 - 80/meter. Circuit board costs between 3500 - 5000. Add cost of NRV, GI pipe bend, nipple etc…


Thank you Bhayya AKfarms,

The cost of 7.50 HP pump-set would be around Rs.20-25 K and it is depending upon the number of Stages. Normally the seize would be 4" Dia and the delivery Pipe will be selected based on the water Yield and a reducer will be inserted based on the Dia of the Delivery Pipe.This cost  excluding the cost of Delivery Pipes. Bhayya you choose the Pipes of 20 Feet long instead of 10 Feet and you go for only TATA Pipes. of "B’ Class. Don’t go other Brands due to durability. Moreover the Long-ability of Threading. All the Best and happy enjoyment of “Ptala Ganga.”

I was hardcore fan of Texmo, now the industry is split and have two different brand names, dealers say there are lot of complaints. Unnati and Lubi has taken over texmo market now.

The automatic starter is around 4K(L&T) as power suply resumes the pump starts. Mobile operted starter costs arouf 7K to 10K(I dont think it is usefull).

If you are going for 7.5 HP, check your requirement, it produces enormouse water hammer. avoid bends as much as possible. If you use such big pump and it is not needed then you will have frequent pipe ruptures.

The reason why i chose 7.5 HP is, the highest point in the farm is at least 15-18 meters higher in altitude than the lowest point. The bore point is approximately 3 meters higher than the lowest point. The longest distance between the bore point and the edge of the farm is around 300 meters. Based on all those calculations and the depth of the bore (400 ft), the approximations were that a 7.5 HP will be sufficient. I need to plan for the piping and the Drip channel as well.

Are my approximations correct.? are there any subsidies for the drip in Karnataka.?


You will require a minimum of 10 HP or 12.5 Hp since the depth is 400 ft and more over you say the last point from the bore is 400 mtrs and adding to that you going for drip. Hence i personally suggest you to go for 12.5 Hp pump and moter. The price difference would not be much. There is subsidy for drip in Karnataka.

10HP is the max limit for free electricity.

Regarding subsidy check with nearest horticulture/agriculture office. They have cancelled for few crops and procedure is also changed a bit. earlier after installation you could have claimed subsidy now you have to get inspected,get work order released and then installation.

Thank you Bhayya,

As far as my knowledge is Concerned Automatic Starter is not avilable in L&T. But an automatic device costing around Rs.300 to 400  which will be attached to L7T Starter.This device is working well. You go for L&T Starter. If you could not get it there is another Brand of Deepak from a Bangalore Firm is available in the Market. This is also working well.Pl. ensure that the L&T Stater is not a Duplicate one . After Purchasing this Pumpset and  L&T Starter you Register the same in their concerned website duly obtaining the Guarantee Card.
for Vasudha Green Farms,,

We had dug a borewell about 2 years back.Water was struck at around 90 ft.Drilling was done upto 180 ft .Driller refused to drill further.Casing done upto 80 ft.Last month we checked hole depth which is now only 130 ft.Used compressor to flush out silt.But depth remained 130 ft.Static Water level is at 40 ft from the top. The compressor guy tells the yield is more than 15000LPH.What pump spec is ok for the following requirement.
1.To irrigate 4 acres by drip.( Main crop guava and lemon with coconut on the border and may be vegetable intercropping at later stages.).
Head required 130 ft+75 ft=205 ft
Yield Approx 15000LPH.Request experts to guide.