New barren land purchased and making ready for chrysanthemum cultivation in open

      Dear Rajdeep sir, ph is good. As regards to EC is concerned, upto my knowledge, and gathered information, It is very good if it is less than 500. Not bad if it is less than 750. Upto 1000 ,it is manageable with less expenditure.  It is not advisable to go for green house farming of colour capsicum, if the water EC is 1200 ds/m, and above.

    If you are very particular, you can grow,colour capsicum in green house,at  this water EC, but it is very expensive, and technical guidance should be very timely .Also the the fruit/vegetable quality is not upto standard.

      The above is my opinion and please take another advise from some other professionals of this crop.

g.p.rao,  farmer

Dear farmer Friends, Now fencing work of my farm is completed.

Actually I thought that I can complete my soil digging work, with one jcb , can be completed in 30 to 40 hours ( 3 acres land ). but it took around 360 hrs. The lands top soil is found with very good red soil. After started digging it is found that at several places, boulders/ stone heaps are found.

They are removed with 2 jcb’s. It took around 360 hours. we suffered lot, but we are happy finally, as we got good soil remained.

Now, i have arranged sprinklers all around my land. I have sown sun hemp seeds, Horse gram seeds and Utchellu seeds in my land. Now we are witnessing good germination percentage. They are 10 days old.

My farm house , store room , labour quarters-2 nos and packing hall are under construction. They are at lintels level.

Both the bore wells are fitted with 2 submercible pumps. One is of 10 hp, with 20 stage submercible pump and the other one fitted with 5 hp submercible motor/40 stage pump. First one is giving around 4000 gallons of water and the second one is giving 1000 gallons.

further i will inform you about my lands development works, next week.

g.p.rao, farmer

Dear Farmer friends,  my crop seedlings are at 8 to 10 inch height. Good and healthy and now they are at 25 days age.

My building works are under good progress. Brick work all around, the walls are completed. Top square and round mMS pipes are layed and welded. Top roof , with al blue sheets are layed.Size 1 mtr wide x 30 ft long . Now plastering work is in progress. Flooring concrete is over and finishing to be done.

Now eagerly waiting for flowering of my crop. may be by end of this month.

Chrysanthemum plants are ordered and they will be supplied during september 1st week.

g.p.rao,  farmer

Dear Farmer friends, In my land, the sowed seeds of sun hemp, utchallu and horse gram, were found with started flowering. On 2nd of september, we spread 2 tons of STERA MEAL, and  we have ploughed our  land along with with said crops with 10 disc mounted tractor to a depth of 1 ft.

Again we ploughed with 5 blade m ountedtractor on 7th of september.

We have spread 14 truck loads of Sheep/Goat mannure in the land along with 3 tons of neem cake ( oiled cake ) , 1000 kgs of jetropha cake ( de-oiled ) and 400 kgs of Sulphate of potash ( not water soluble grade ) on 10 th of september, again we ploughed with cultivator mounted tracter on 9 th of september

On 12th of september, we rotavate the land with tractor mounted rotovator.

On 15th of september, we prepared the beds from east to to west, in size 3.5 ft+1.5 ft size, with a tractor mounted bed maker. Totally 95 beds are made of 220 ft-190 ft long.

In the middle, today we are making the trenches for laying drip main and sub pvc pipes. Tomarrow,ie: on 18th september, we will lay the lateral pipes of size 16 mmx in built drippers of 2 ltr per hr mounted at an interval of 0.3 mtr.

We are planning to plant chrysanthemum rooted plants in this week.

g.p.rao,  farmer

Dear GP Rao Sir,

Please post some pictures of your work in progress!

In particular I would very much like you to outline how you are laying your water lines. Information on this aspect would be most helpful.

Dear Forum Farmer Friends, We have laid the 16 mm laterals,of 30 cm wide inline drippers of 2 ltrs per dripper per hour discharge. All the laterals are cleaned and tied with end caps and made ready for  planting the chrysanthemum plants.

With a diesel pump, we run the water in drips and made the beds wet  for 1 hour, with an interval of 2 hours and again run for 1 hour and with rest of 2 hours. On 22 nd of september to, till 25 th of september, we repeated the process to ensure that the beds are totally wet.

On 25 th of september, we brought the AISHWARYA variety chrysanthemum rooted plants from the distributor and kept in our farm.

On 26 th of september, we started planting the said plants in our beds, in double row ,  beds of 3 ft wide , at 1.5 ft between rows, and at a gap of 0.35 mtr between plant to plant.all the 33,000 plants are planted by evening of 27 th of september.

On 30 th of september, we gave a drenching of Organic Humic Acid @ 2 ml per ltr water, for all the plants. All plants are doing well.

g.p.rao,  farmer

Dear Sri Airfoil, Sure sir. I will post the photographs of my land, beds, driplines etc shortly.

My beds are of 3 ft wide, 1 ft height and with a walk way of 2 ft. 2 laterals are laid on each bed at centre distance of 1.5 ft. Laterals are of 16 mm size with inline drippers at a distance of 30 cms of 2 ltrs per hour discharge capacity.

All the best ,  g.p.rao,  farmer.

Dear G P Rao Sir,
Thanks for your efforts in sharing your experiences with us.
I’m in the process of setting up polyhouse in Anantapur District. I’m in the process of getting loan from bank.
I’ll be happy if you could share the below details:

  1. Polyhouse Fabricator:
    Your polyhouse Fabricator details & your experiences with him Or problem areas with him.

  2. Nursery:
    Heard lot of polyhouse farmers from Anantapur District are sourcing their seedlings from Nurseries in Chickballapur area.
    Could you share some good nursery details in Chickballapur

Thanks & Regards,

Namaskarams GP Rao sir! Im currently based in Bangalore and am seriously considering getting in to farming - Natural/Organic way. I would like to come and visit your farm. Grateful if you share your contact details.


Dear G.P. Rao garu,

I had spoken to you about 6 months back over the phone and understand that you had bought this farm with a lot of passion to do some innovative crops. If you can share may I know the rationale for disposing this farm? am sure most of us agree that procuring the right land is the key aspect to get in to farming and after all the efforts in upbringing the land, developing the emotional bondage with the land, selling it now makes me curious to know the insights. thanks - Sunil