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After all these years of reading, research on net, the blogs and other web based information, Now I am stepping into real world of agriculture.  I just bought 25 acres of agriculture land near Hyderabad city (about 70 Km) . The farm land has black cotton soil and ground water is about 250 meters deep. There is one existing bore well in the farm and thinking of having 2-3 more bore wells.  right now they have some cotton and pulses, mostly rain dependent crops. I need to get in touch with Hydrologist first to get some points, if it fails I will go with traditional village priest or whoever predicts the points(BTW I myself was geologist long time back and Hydrology was one of main interest during study years).

Let me give you some brief about myself, As I mentioned I did my masters in Geology and worked as exploration geologist for few years in various parts of Gujarat, I had great memories of Gir forest (Lion Sanctuary) and Kutch area. Along with the Trend, I moved towards the software and worked in Mumbai and Calcutta for couple of years (Two completely different city life styles and cultures). Last 13 years I am here in USA and now  started moving back to India. May be in next few months I will move for good.  As a Matter of fact I haven’t seen the land physically at, of course I have seen photos and videos. Some of my friends and family members visited the farm land and gave positive feedback.  I myself nor my family roots, as I know, never had any agricultural experience or farm lands. Somehow I developed this interest and decided to move on. 

I know it is very hard work and  less returns compared to anything else  I can do. I do realize that it is very expensive and the returns depends lot on external factors, in which you don’t have much control.  Certainly it’s a choice and I made this decision. I am willing to take this challenge and succeed. I am optimistic and very positive attitude guy, I don’t believe in luck rather I believe in Time and way you execute things. If you do things in timely manner with dedication, determination and discipline you will succeed, even if you fail you will have satisfaction and gain experience. 

let’s  get back to farming.

I wanted to start  integrated/Mixed farming which includes Animal husbandry like cows, buffalos, sheep and chicken, long term wood trees like Teak and Neam on the  borders and short term like flowers and vegetables. Up to 5 acres of flowers for cut flowers which could be short term. Up to 5 acres of Vegetables which could be also short term, Up to 5 acres of Grass for animals. 2 acres of water pond for rain water harvest and fish. Up to 5 acres of mixed fruits thinking of four to five verities. 1 acre for guest house and servant quarters. 

I learned few things about Cheese making and trying to attend some more classes of Dairy farming in USA. I also tried and learned hydroponics and aquaponics, I want to implement these in later stage. I have few more ideas and interest on Agro-tourism,  we can discuss as we progress.

As a First step, I wanted to plant some trees around the fence and start fruit garden. Could someone suggest,  which type of trees are useful and less maintenance to plant around the fence?  Also I am interested in starting the 5 acres Fruit garden, I need some suggestion on plant selection and availability in and around Hyderabad. If someone can provide the price list and good time or season to plant different fruit trees that would be very helpful. Also I am looking for Persimmon trees, does anyone tried this tree around this area?

Right now, I am looking for Persimmon trees and Jack fruit trees; if any has these trees for sale please let me know with plant details and prices.

Any Ideas, information, suggestions or comments are very welcome.




I recently planted about 20+ different types of fruit trees as part of an effort to create a food forest on a small scale (about 1.5acre). I procured all about 2 year old saplings (fruit and avenue) from Kadiyam, Rajahmundry.

I know of 2 options for you.

  1. Frugal:

Visit Fruit Research Center (FRS) maintained by Government/Agricultural university to consult with professors about best saplings for your soil type and get them at a nominal cost. Best time is late May/ early June. FRS will have plenty of saplings available just in time for monsoon.

  1. Bit more expensive:

Since you are planning to plant 5 acres you may want to consider visiting Kadiyam which I did. It will be not only a good learning experience you will find lot more choice as well. Of all nurseries I visited I recommend Satya Dev Nursery. It’s almost feels like a university in 200+ acres. Almost all of nurseries in Hyderabad procures from Kadiyam.

I am attaching recent bills so you can understand the cost.

All the best.
Planted_Trees.pdf (1.66 MB)

Thanks Srinivas, it is very helpful, I will call them some time this weekend. Did you use machines to dig the pits or manual? can you give me some rough estimates on how many people or hours of Tractor to dig the pits for 1.5 acres? Also how much it cost?

Do you know of any hydrologist or bore rigs, you can refer me for bore wells.

Much appreciated your help sir.


First iteration (250 avenue and coconut trees) I used JCB to dig pits which I learned is bad idea after going through 2nd iteration (350+ fruit, avenue and coconut trees). I documented best practices of planting trees in my blog (address is in my signature) so please check it out. Coming to cost I paid Rs 170 per pit which includes digging and planting the tree. If you use JCB which is not recommended it will be Rs 700 per hour.

I know of this hydrologist (Krishna Rao - 9440552914) whom I tried to get him to my farm over the summer but he was quite busy. So I ended up using a wanna be hydrologist who used coconut technique along with some machine which I think may have been a mistake. Out of three bores he showed one is working well (2" non-stop) and one is intermittent (1"). I am planning to bring Mr. Krishna Rao after Pongal (recommended time) to take another stab at it.


you have a similar situation as me other than the fact that i am just graduating this year. I think it will be a good idea to connect with people who are on the same boat. TO get in touch and i am in toronto right now.

Thanks Srinivas, BTW it’s a nice blog, very detailed. It’s almost like what I want to do with my farm, I just had land, I need to follow the same steps as in your blog. First water then fence, after that rainwater harvest pits, then plant some fruit trees, then Roads, animals and so on…

Its very interesting to see my plans in your pictures. I certainly appreciate your time and patience to share & help people. 

Also you are not too far from my land; my land is close to Sadashivpet, Medak Dist. We can meet some time and exchange ideas.

I will be in touch with Krishna Rao and let you all know as we progress.


Also what kind of plantation can be done in black soil I have 100 acres in virdhunagar district of tamilnadu.

my understanding is it’s not just color of the soil; you need see the chemical composition of the soil, water availability and whether conditions of the area. You better consult the agriculture university or institutes around your area for better suggestions.

if you are not ready for detailed analysis and just to see what type of farming you can do in your area; I suggest you to drive around your land and see what others are doing and also see what you have right now in your land.

I have done all that sir… I have posted a topic starting a large scale farm in tamilnadu under the same section. Right now we are growing millets there…but I want to get Into plantation. Percolation factor of soil is low so waters runs off fast.

How many trees you planted per acre? what spacing you left between trees? Do you follow any pattern on selection of tree for planting, I mean order like long term trees on first row, more whether resistance or strong base less leaves on first row, small or week shrubs in between strong trees or anything like that? Are you using drip for water?


I checked your thread, there are lot of good suggestions and information. I am no expert in this but we all can share and thrive as we progress.

Sure. Drop me a note so we can meet up. Looking forward to interact with you.

I used 15’ spacing and used as many variety as possible since my goal is to create forest like environment. I would be adding more and more different trees as we go. Currently I am focussing on trees which grows faster and needs little maintenance. I am working on water tank, Power and underground piping system. Once the infrastructure in place I will be going for drip, desi cow etc.

Thank you Bhayya for your efforts in Bringing out the efforts youmade in Mixed Farming,

We have already made Several Postings for Absentee Farming for Absentee Farmers.You might have seen those Postings. However we are bringing out a Profitable Plantation of GOLD HARVEST Melia Dubia. This Plantation will fetch a return of 0.75 Tons to 1.20 Tons with in a Span of 5-6 Years. As seen from the Present Price of Rs.2500/Tonne one will get an abundant Income on this Plantation. After 5 Years this price may gone up to a Minimum of Rs.5000/Tone. You can asses your earnings on this Plantation of GOLD HARVEST Melia Dubia.

We are attaching the Study Materiel on this Plantation provided by several Agricultural Universities Govt Departments etc. You can  make Plantation of these Trees at 6 FEET distance being it is on Borders. If it is Planting in  Field one needs to maintain a distance of 8 to 10 Feet.

Thank you Sir,

One Mr. Srihari Rao is a Reliable Geologist having Vast Experience in
Govt. as well as inPrivate Sector whose Contact Number will provide 
on obtaining fom my Department. Pl. Call afterwards.

Regarding Drilling Pl. Contact me I will provide you the Details
and Procedures. we need to take much Care in engaging a Drilling Operator.

Kinly provide the full details of the Land where you are having.
My Fam land is at Chimaldari Nr. Shankarpally.

Vasudha Green Farms,,
KPHB Colony,Hyderabad.

Thank you Sir,

You go for Plantation of various Fruit Gardens in 50 Acres and make A GOLD HARVESTING Plantation of Melia Dubia  in remaining  50 Acres, if you are whole Time Farmer. If  you are an absentee Farmer you go for Melia Dubia GOLD HARVEST  Plantation for the whole Land of 100 Acres. The Study Material for this Plantation is attached for your Information. All this study Material is Provided by T.N.Agrl. University, Coimbatore and some other Govt. Organisations.

If you need we will Provide the Layout for plantation of the above Trees on receipt of Field Measurements from you. Pl. cotact 09133498366.

Vasudha Green Farms,,

Sorry we nat made the Attachment as was Find the Attachment.


Thanks for the information. I will reach you when we are ready and need more information.

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