Netafim vs Jain - which is better Drip Irrigation system?

Which is good drip irrigation system? netafim or jain?

What are the advantages and disadvantages with each of them? Operating cost differences? Ease of Maintenance?

The main Jain manufacturing unit is 5 kms from my land near Hyderabad , so would location offer any advantage from any future maintainable plot of view? However I hear the closest Netafim is based on Chennai.

Sir material cost is bit high for Netafim, also Durability is high. If you are planning to go for Drip irrigation, go for Netafim

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Thanks for the response sir.

Could you please provide rough estimates per acre? We are looking at close to 7 acres.

What is the price difference between Netafim and Jain?

Are there are any disadvantages with Jain?

Sir where are you located?
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