Neem trees around the farm

I’m planning to plant Neem on the edge of my farm plot. Around 10-12 of them. is it advisable? Do having more Neem Plants around your orchard have beneficial/ detrimental effect. Please advise. 

I have quite a few of them on my farm bunds and have not come across any negative points. I have not seen their shade affect my crops either.

They are good for birds and possibly can be used for some natural concoctions.

I also have a quite a few neem trees around my farm. I haven’t seen any negative effect though have not really used the tree to its potential, i.e. using it as a pesticide or fertilizer additive.

But what I have read Neem is the most valuable tree in nature and can grow in any climate and all parts one of it can be used i.e. leaves, bark, flowers, fruit, etc. I am sure one day I will make proper use of my neem trees. Though I love to eat the young neem leaves and flowers though fried along with brinjal and potatoe… it is yummy…