Neem oil with surfactant

How useful is spraying of neem oil with surfactant as pesticide on vegetable crops

Neem oil with surfactant is used for specific pests like whitefly and scale insects. Otherwise if neem oil is used as a general spray it may not serve any purpose. Instead plants get degenerated.
(This may be the major reason for neem oil not becoming an effective botanicals ever since it was introduced three decades ago.

Thanks for the confirmation. What are available surfactants and what is the suggested ratio?

What else can be used for general pest control, if we do not wish to use chemical sprays?

Namaskaram sir.

I use few products which is 100% natural alternate to pesticide. It works very well and makes the plant healthy too. It is manufactured by a 20 year old Indian company. Please contact the below number for more details about the products.


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No Problem sir You can use Neem oil on all vegetable Crops as a Protective measure. It arrests white Flies laying of Eggs on the Plants. Whiteflies are the Main Pest causing various pests on vegetable crops. Moreover it is an Organic Pesticide. While using Judiciously Judge and assessing the Need of Spray…
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