Neem oil, Neem cake and Azadirachtin in agriculture

Hey, I thought this was Azadirachtin extracted from neem? Why do you call it synthetic?

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thankyou very much for the question. Azadirachtin is a neem extract for sure. but the percentage is 1 out of 100. so the question is what are the rest 99% ?

if i buy neem oil (unknown brand) can i be sure its organic? now its known that oil doesnt dissolve in water. so it needs some emulsifiers/solvents. now just because parry is certified the user doesnt need to worry. but what about in other cases?

now, normally, growers (atleast me) think that organic means, neem oil, karaj oil, tulsi, cow urine, veriwash etc.
so when someone says “i use neem oil” i thought oh ok, hes an organic fellow. but when someone would tell me “i use Azadirachtin” i was like, hmm…sounds like some fancy chemical, sounds non organic.

and again, thankyou for introducing the term “synthetic” are these chemicals?
what is the difference in both? or are they same?
can you plz tell us more Chandra ?



My name is Vikhyat, I had the pleasure of meeting your administrator Mr.Chandra who introduced me to this website. Iam one of the largest manufacturers of azadirachtin and I make the product for companies like Godrej-Achook, Madras Fertilizers-Vijay Neem etc.
I also have my own brand Fortune Aza in various concentrations 0.03% to 3%.

I would like to make an attempt to answer and clarify your questions regarding azadirachtin.

Azadirachtin is the active ingredient found in the neem tree that is principally responsible for the insecticidal properties of neem.
Azadirachtin is found in all parts of the neem tree and particular in high concentrations in the neem seed.
What my company does is that we extract out this active ingredient from the neem seed and neem oil.
Why do we do this, when the Aza is already naturally available in neem oil, neem cake etc.?
[li]Azadirachtin is not stable in neem oil. Neem oil has a lot ingredients that tend to increase the free fatty acid percentage in the oil, therby producing afalotoxins that tend to eat away the Azadirachtin content. So when you use neem oil directly, it will probably not be as effective as a product that is concentrated and stabilized with azadirachtin.[/li]
[li]Neem oil is phyto-toxic - which means that when sprayed directly it tends to form a layer on the plants leaves which restricts photosynthesis therby burning the plant.[/li]
[li]A product stabilized with azadirachtin can have more concentration of aza than neem oil itself. This is no joke, if you were to squeeze or cold press out neem oil from the seed, one litre of the oil would contain around 2000ppm of aza(depending on where you got the seed from, seed in AP has the worst content of aza. Seed in certain places of Tamil Nadu, Karntaka has the best). So mathematically 1 litre of neem oil has around 0.2% aza.  Where as you can get 1ltr of Aza products that have aza concentrations from 300ppm to 50,000ppm[/li][/ol]
So is a product that is artficially concentrated with Aza safe for organic farming?
Yes, I would like to bring to light that when a body like IMO or the US EPA certifies a product as safe for organic use, it takes a lot of strict measure and research data to certify it. My company itself had to spend over 2 crores back in 1997 and produce 5 years of toxicity and other data under strict environments to prove that our product is safe to use for organic farming.
The emulsifiers and solvents that are used in the product are also only from an approved list of neutral ingredients by the EPA. This means that they are not detrimental to the environment in the dosages used.
The best part of Azadirachtin is that it is one of the only products available that:

  1. Leaves no toxic residue.
  2. No resistance issue- insects do not develop resistance to the product.
  3. Safe to beneficial insects.
  4. Powerful preventative.
    However one must know how to use Azadirachtin. Unlike chemical pesticides, azadirachtin does not kill the insect on contact. It works systematically to eliminate the insects from the farm and prevent futher infestration. It is a highly effective nematicide and larvacide. In the adult stage, the Azadirachtin acts as a growth regulator, preventing molting, reproduction and feeding. You will find more information on our website: to help further educate people about aza. It is a wonderful product though it just upsets me to see that i sell most of it in exports.

Would recommend people to look up a pest called Tuta Absoluta - its a tomato miner that developed resistance to virtually all pesticides and became a major threat in the Europe and the middle east. Aza was the only insecticide that could control it. Read up more on

I apologize if i sounded like im advertising myself :smiley:
If you would like to try our product please feel free to reach me at - vikhyat[at]

Product sounds good,I have mailed you to the mail id provided, Kindly send me more details, Did go through your website, will love to get some economics on your products .


Hi Vivek, good point on the solvents that carry the neem a.i. - I guess we have someone who can answer that on the thread now.  :wink:

Welcome Vikhyat, nice to see you here; hopefully we will have some good technical discussion on neem products on this thread.

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I just dropped you a mail requesting more details of your product. If you would like to get contacted through cell please sms your no and best time to contact… 8297101012.


hi VIKHYAT  & CHANDRA----- GOOD EXPLANATION.  i saw some info from  net  [ i had forgotten from where]—  that too much of neem oil may induce some sort of sterility in plants— which may lead to  lesser fruit  set---- that is reduced yield.    do u have any info abt that.  is there any limit for the usage of neem products?  pl post ur views . thank u

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Yes Chandra Sir, we would be very much interested to advertise here :slight_smile:
Nice to see such an active forum on farming finally.
I do hope i can answer technical doubts on aza upto your expectations, Im not an expert on field usage just a manufacturer  ;D
I have some field trial data though that I would be happy to share.

ak, I have not heard of neem oil inducing such effects, but I will try to check with a few people I know who might have an answer.
Neem cake however on over dosage can generate a lot of heat and in turn burn roots.

hello chandra  and other farmnest experts    pl post your views

Hmmm good to know this … now its sounds logical why my nursery raised moringa seedlings had their slow death :slight_smile:

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sir please write price of aza and minimum quantity needed per acre.shipping can be added later.

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I apologize if i sounded like im advertising myself :smiley:
If you would like to try our product please feel free to reach me at - vikhyat[at]
[/quote]Thanks a bunch for this great info and a very interesting technical discussion.  I am sending you an email separately.
Is Aza good for fish in an Aquaponic setting where we grow fish and plants together?  Anything we apply on plants, affect the fish too in a re-circulating system.

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