Neem Cake - Any Simple Process in making in small scale

We’ve plenty of Neem seeds and also some Kaattu Vembu ( in Tamil) ( Desi Melia Dubia seeds)… in addition plenty of Neem tree barks, small twigs of neem tree , geen leaves and dry leaves… Desperately looking for making some neem cakes or some form of natural feeds for plants… Please suggest any simple methods which can be done manually ( not using crushing machines) . Attaching pictures of both types of seeds FYI. Thanks in advance.

The Chennai based The Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems (CIKS) has some details of preperation. Attempting their method as in the link below. … icides.pdf

We are in need of Neem seed in Bulk Quantity.Kindly enlighten us whether you can supply the same.If so kindly inform us the Price per Quintal.
for Vasudha Green Farms.

Dear Vasudhafarms,

Please post a separate ad for the requirement since the opening poster is not proposing to make any seed available commercially. You could also use a personal message for any off topic discussion.


Dear Friends,

Neem seed and its variants widely used in UP. Farmers takes Need seed oil with pure desi ghee as their routine preventive medicine. Every house hold has at least one neem tree.  There are two-three type neenm and some particular variety only used in such applications. So it seems we can get good quantity from UP.

Meantime, I got  a contact details from Website. ie

ManiDharma Biotech Private Limited
Mr. Krishna Moorhy M. / Krishna Moorthy M. (Director)
No. 59, Kamatchi Nagar, Madhanandhapuram
Chennai - 600125, Tamil Nadu, India

or try
Neem Foundation
67- A, Vithalnagar Society,
Road # 12, JVPD Scheme,
Mumbai – 400 049
0091 22 26206367 / 26207867



I have come across 5 types of Neem. There are few more I believe. In Kerala we call this tree Veppu

1 Azadiracta indica (Arya Veppu)
2 Azdirach (Mala Veppu)
3 Murraya Koenigii (Kari Veppu) curry leaf used for cooking.
4 Andrographis paniculata (Nila Veppu) Populary know as neem of the ground
5 Poisonous Neem - Humans cannot consume it. I am not sure but read long time back, it is present in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu.

Rasam is Kaattu Vembu the poisonous one?? is it a variety of neem?
Why do you want to feed plants in the form of neem cake?? why not use them directly and let decompose?

Even I am interested in small scale oil extraction device, cake can be used for cattle. I mean really small may be 5 to 6 kg raw material input. (Plenty of high quality coconuts are available locally at cheap rate) - Any input will be highly appreciated.

There are few houses in my locality who have wooden oil extraction panels made of one piece heart wood. Larger one were driven by bulls, smaller one by humans. Not a single is in use. And skilled carpenter are also no where to be seen who can assemble and maintain the equipment.

@anoop… Kattu Vembu is not poisonous for sure . But these grow taller but not like the real Malai Vembu ( Botanical Name: Melia Dubia ) which grows taller ( upto 40 feet) than Kaattu Vembu… Melia Dubia too we have but they have grown so tall and not in reach and also the canopy is small . I’ve already prepared Neem Extract in a small scale (as suggested by the Chennai based The Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems (CIKS)  and will post the pictures / realistic proceedure later tomorrow about the method after spraying the Neem Extract for the crop…