Need verification on Farm fencing quotation

Can you please suggest if the rates given are reasonable?
And how much discount I can ask the vendor during finalizing the quote.
Also is there any check list to follow up with vendor. Please suggest on all above points urgently.

Hi There,

Dhiraj here,

We are in the field of perimeter fencing solutions for the past 20 yrs

The quotation given to you is for installation of a barbed wire fence with concertina wire coils

The cost provided by the contractor is a bit on the higher side, I can say that for the cost of barbed wire atleast.

Also the cost of Reti is higher compared to Kolhapur (Maharashtra)

I would suggest that you go for an electric fence which will cut down your cost significantly and is also a more safe, advanced and a comprehensive solution for protecting your farm/property.

If you wish to know more or get a quotation you may contact me on my email /phone.
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What would be the maintenance regimen of an electric fence? I am also considering electric fence along the perimeter of our new farm to keep out cattle during the day and wild boars at night. Can somebody throw a branch or some conducting material on the fence wire and effectively disable the fencing until it is cleared? How do I get to know of earthing contact like this if it is in some remote corner of the farm?

Hello Ashwin,

Electric Fence is an efficient yet safe way to protect your property from intrusion/Infiltration by humans or animals 24/7.

The wire used in electric fences are coated with a 230 to 250 gsm coating of zinc that prevents the wire from oxidation(rusting) for a very long period of time, usually 8 to 10 years if not more. These wires are incredibly strong and cannot be cut easily using pliers hence providing many years of service unlike barbed wire fences which can corrode in less than a couple of years. Electric fence wire wires usually have a load capacity of 600 to 800 kg/cm2


Fence perimeter should be cleared of branches of trees touching the fence and weed growth by manually weeding during monsoons or application of weedicides during the monsoon season.

Care should be taken that weedicide spray should not contact the wires as the chemical can corrode the wires, clearing the weeds also prevents wild fire from damaging the wires as well as the property.

Ensuring that the energizer is enclosed in a GI box so that it is not affected by rain or water and tampering.

Using GI pipes or rods with backfill 1 Pipe/rod of 1 meter per joule of energizer at atleast 5 feet apart. These earthing rods should be installed in a place where there is some level of moisture.Periodically checking all the connections between the energizer to the earthing rods and the fence are snug.

(Can somebody throw a branch or some conducting material on the fence wire and effectively disable the fencing until it is cleared?)

To some extent yes, when some tries to put a branch on the fence wire it will ground the current but then it will take a considerable amount of time to actually drain the battery so checking the perimeter once in a while is a good habit. Also whenever this happens the siren/hooter will go off signalling such an event. However even if this happens it will take days for the battery to actually drain as the battery keeps getting replenished by the solar panels in the day, Hence try to install a larger panel at least 75 watts monocrystalline from a reputed brand.

Also it’s important that all the components used in such systems are of very high grade including Energizer, Battery, Wire, Insulators, Solar panels cables and Earthing rods.

Please feel free to contact me if you need quotations for materials for DIY fencing solutions, we supply ISI grade Energizer and components. We are proud to say that the same are used by our defence forces as well as government agencies including forest departments of various states.


Dhiraj Shetty



We bought agricultural land a couple of years back and did barbed wire fencing the area is about 5 acres. It cost us in total about 2 lakhs the biggest cost was labor as the soil in my area Karkala is laterite. But I did see some of friends going for Tata fence this is not barbed wire so no chance of children and pets getting hurt I haven’t gone around to getting quotation for the same.

On electric fence I heard that we need permission as it could hurt neighbors even though the current voltage is very less. Can you let me know if such permission is really required and if so can you get it if you have neighbors?