Need verification of Chain link Fencing estimates

I am planning to install Chain link fencing for my farm, which is about 1000 sqft in parameter.
From previous posts, I came up with the following estimate. Can you please verify if this is correct?

  1. Poles

Number of poles required - 125 (One pole for every 8 running feet.)
Cost of poles = Rs 21,250 ( 170X125) (Cost of one 7 foot pole - Rs 170)

  1. Wire (Tata wire @rs 9 per sqft)
    Total cost = Rs 45,000 (910005) (assuming 5 feet height)

  2. GI wire (to tie the chain link to the poles) - Rs 80 per kg and 20 kgs

Total cost = Rs 1600( 80*20)

  1. Labor (3 days, 3 people)

Total cost = Rs 2,000

Grand Total for fence = Rs 69,850

Can you please check if my estimates are correct?

Dear Sri DDS,

I hope, it is lucky to get Poles of 7 ft at the rate of 170/- ,each. fine. all the caliculations are found to be very nearest, except labour charges, i think. Any way keep another more thousands for labour charges. I opine it will cost more than rs 10,000/- for this work.

Can you tell me the gauge of GI waire used for TATA chain link mesh and size of the mesh.

with best wishes, g.p.rao, farmer

Thank you Mr GP Rao for your feedback.
Yes, labor charges should be Rs 17,000 (Rs 100 per pole).
Stones are available near Punganur.
GI wire is 16 gauge.

Dear Sri DDS,

Chain link , upto my knowledge , should be of 14 swg or better 12 swg. 16 swg will be too thin, I beleive.Pl think twice.

with best wishes, g.p.rao, farmer

  1. Wire (Tata wire @rs 9 per sqft)
    Total cost = Rs 45,000 (910005) (assuming 5 feet height)

Please use minimum 2.5(12 swg) mm or 3.15(10 swg) mm thick wire and the gap shouldn’t be more than 4"

Thanks for you suggestions. Sure I will follow that. Do you know where in Bangalore we can find Tata wire?

i have just ordered mine in hyderabad it costed me 1.7 lacs for 5 feet height and 4000 running foot for 10gau with 3.15 52rs per kg and the bundle weights around 38kg to 40, 16gau is off no use… easily broken or bent so re think again. once you get this done it stays for years so better get done properly at start itself.

Thanks for the details. You got a pretty good deal and much lower than my estimate. For 1000 running feet I guess based on your calculation, it would come to less than 45k. How many poles did you use ?

Poles - cost depends both on the height and the distance of transport. I know within 10 km the 7’ stones were delivered at Rs 140/-. So distance is primary factor,

Chain Link - I got 12g link with 2.5" sq for Rs 10 per SFT (50 ’ * 5’ = 250sft costing Rs2500)

Do not know the soil, but it is always better to get these stones erected with concrete just to avoid tilting during heavy rains.

Not sure you have included the 2 support poles after every
8 poles (64 feets)
2 at each corner
2 at each gate (both ends)

Can you please share the contact details of the contractor who did your chain link fence?

I would like to install TATA G.I chain link fence of 2mm dia. Thickness and 6"guagelength for an open land and also including p.c.c beneath the fencing for 920 running foot and 8’ foot height(2’ foot under the ground and 6’ foot above the ground level.

  So,kindly can any one give me a detailed estimate on this....
    Hoping for the best reply as soon as possible.