Need Tree sampling(any timber wood trees) to plant next to the fence

I am writing to request for Tree sampling. I am Planning to fence my Agriculture Land(where Banana is already growing), so I am interested to plant any timber wood trees next to the fence, also need to think for drip irrigation.

Please let me know if this request is possible and how I can proceed with the request. Thank you for your time and consideration.

The Land is in the Thiruvallur District close to Chennai.



Do you have any type of fence right now?

There are 2 options here.

  1. Non-Scheduled Timber Trees
  2. Scheduled Timber Trees

If you go for Scheduled Timber Trees, you need to get permission from Govt to cut the trees and sell them.

If it is Non-Scheduled Timber Trees, you may not require any permission from Govt of TN to cut the trees.

Also, make sure the Trees are updated in Adangal so as to avoid any future issues cropping up.

Lot of options are there in Timber Trees. Check the website of Govt of TN

There are even more Timber Trees which is not listed. You can contact Irai Azhagan who has grown lot of Timber Trees in his farm. The contact should be available in YouTube.

Please check out whether mahogany plantation is possible. The trees grow straight and you can plant them in combination with coconut trees (the dwarf varieties). Water requirement is also not huge.

Mahogany demand will go up. Gestation period for commercial sale will be at least 7 - 10 years. It is quite possible, that a decade from now, end users will actually approach you for the wood for their home furniture :). The good part is that you don’t need to harvest the trees if you are not on a tight schedule. So you can time the cycle for the right time.

You need to seek more technical information though. I planned to plant them earlier but now considering wind breakers.

Note for others: Maharashtra government provides substantial subsidy for mahogany plantation but the T&C are quite cumbersome.


Bamboo plantation is Better.
Single time planatation and Regular Yields are come
Vijay Kumar
Agri Engg & Consalltent