Need suggestion on using cement Pole vs stone Pole for fencing . Please suggest which is best method when using barbed wire for fencing

Please suggest which Pole method is best suited when using the barbed wire. Your suggestion is very important for us.

I had used stone poles for my barbed wire fence. However, midway through fencing, some of the stones were stolen. It was working out very expensive to replace them due to high cost of transport, so I purchased concrete ones. So I have both stone and concrete poles in my fence. My observation is that the stone poles are much more durable compared to the concrete ones. Especially for the cross pieces (which make contact with the vertical poles), I can see the concrete ones have started to crumble, while the stone ones are fine. It was also hard to fix the concrete cross pieces with sufficient tension to keep the fence wires taut.

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Height of fence you are intenting to will be one of the factor.
You may go for 50x 50x 5 mm steel angle as pole.
It will be value for money and durable.

Any pics of Steel pole…?

I dont know how to upload the pics in this forum but it is very standard that you drill a hole on one side of angle as per wire distancr and on base of the angle you may cross weld a small piece (say 5 inches x 2 nos) as cross , so that this will become hold fast when you pore concrete on base to stand the pole. I suggest to have 8 feet height of pole and gap between each pole can be 10 feet. Hope it helps.

Thank you for responses DKP . Two things one is if we use steel pole , can we use barbed wires. Do we need to use cement to fix it . because i heard it will not hold . Your experience will really help. What will be the cost of it …

Thank you Terran for response.Interesting to hear experience concrete poles. It really helps.

I can tell you my work done and which i found till date useful: steel angle will be available in market (rupees per kg) so this is standard. Fixing: dig a hole in ground approx 400 mm deep to fix pole. Once done minimum 15 years you dont have think of pole replacement.

You can tie the barbed wire on pole (using a drilled hole and a steel wire to tie)

We have informed in this Portal that Stone Poles are better than that of Cement Poles. Stone Poles are like Gold Value while Cement poles are of that mud Value

Thank you for all the reply .We will be going with Stone poles

I also need poles for my new agri startup on my 5 acre leased land. Please share pics n price of stone poles at

We have 7’ stone poles with TATA barbed wires. We purchased 250 stone pillars, only 1 broke. That was more than 4 years ago.
Let me know if you need more infor.