Need suggestion on Post Hole digger or Earth Augur

Hi All,

I am looking for post hole digger or Earth Augur,for diging pits for my Horticulture farm.
As per my observation over internert.i have found 2 types
one is connected to a tractor and other one hand operated with 2 stroke petrol engine.
I not sure what to go for.

Can some one guide me what could be the problems i would be facing using either of the products.


go for the tractor , the hand held ones , need a sharp edge to make holes , tractor is faster too .

IF it is a sandy soil hand operated will suite.Tractor driven assessable  to the hole area is difficult.Hand operated upto 10 inch is ok for sandy soil and 6 inch for clay soil.How ever any type of obstruction such as tree roots,brick,etc will create problem both hand and tractor operated.Economy wise hand operated is best .

Both are good. Now it all depends on your requirement. Tractor mounted are huge and cannot be carried by a single person where as hand operated are the reverse. Tractor mounted can also be used if you want to dig multiple holes at the same point of time. In case your requirement is not so much then you must go in for hand operated as they are convenient to use.
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Hand operated earth auger

As per my experience, I first tried with hand held digger. It was a horrific experience, my land is hard and tough, and even two labourers could not hold it steadily while digging.
Immediately I went for tractor mounted post-hole digger and using this, we are able to effortlessly dig 3X3 pits within half a minute. I strongly recommend tractor operated post-hole diggers instead of hand operated ones for horticulture farms in terms of both speed and economy in the long run.

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Hi All,

The soil is red soil,As of now the requirement is

4000 number of  pits of 1m x 1m x 1m  for tamarind.
8000 number of  pits of 45 cm x 45 cm x 45 cm  for melia dubia.
8000 number of  pits of 0.6 m x 0.6 m x 0.6 m  for teak.

Please suggest me different size of the drills and different vendors who can provide me the Augurs at reasonalbe price and also provide service.when required.


We have a Shaktiman make (tractor mounted) post hole digger of 18 inch diameter. We have successfully dug 5000 holes (Appox 200 pits of 3 feet deep and 600 pits of 45cm depth per day) for Mango and Guava orchard in Mungaoli, Dist: Ashoknagar M.P.

For details, contact supplier -

Mr. Bhatia (MD, Tirath Agro Technology Pvt Ltd. Bhopal/Coimbatore)
mobile: 9826023902, 9827606882

How much , will this sakthiman tractor will cost ? 

please give me the price details of both the tractor and earth augur with different size drills


Are these available on rental? Do you know of any vendor who rents tractor mounted one near Hubli, Karnataka.

What is the cost of tractor mounted one? Does this fit on any tractor make.