Need suggestion on live fencing

Hello all,

I am planning to plant ‘agathi keerai’(Sesbania Grandiflora) as live fence, for my 2 acre farm. I have planted few fruit bearing trees inside.

Please let me know the following

  • Planting agathi is a good option or not.
  • Will it do any good for the soil. Does it fix nitrogen in the soil.
  • Is there any market for its leaves.
  • How easy / tough it is, to maintain.
  • Where can i get the seeds. Farm is near Vandavasi, Tamilnadu.

Thanks in advance.


Agathi Keerai is not a good option as this can be eaten easily the cows, goats etc. You should plant trees that are NOT eatable by the goats, cows etc.

Agathi Keerai is a good soil nitrogen fixer and it will improve your soil in the long run.

You can get seeds in the online market easily.

You can do a check on my previous posts on Live Fencing and you will get the complete list of plants that can be grown as Live Fence.

thanks sir. will check.

It’s the best option you can do it

I did it it has grown in 3 months to 4 feet height and 6 months crossed 8 feets and I have grown it for fence purpose only

Planted one plant every one feet gap grown like really very good fence no body can enter it

You can sell seed for 400 per kg and keerai also for cow and goat and poultry if you have or can sell for min 1000 per month.

Dear Sir,

Can you please share the name of the plant you have used as live fence and also can you please share where can i procure them. I wish to fence my small piece of land this month. Thank you in advance sir.

Plant name: Agathi keerai
Can get it in normal seed selling shops.

Coming season is summer so it’s necessary to water it.

If you are planting after summer no issue nothing required and it will be grown before summer also then no need to water it at all