Need suggestion in rice cultivation

Hello all, need suggestion wrt paddy cultivation.

I am a new farmer and I own 4 acres of land in vandavasi. Have planted rice in that 4 acres some 20 days back. Planning to go fully organic. I need help in the following. Please suggest.

  1. Need to clear the weed in the paddy field. Could not find manual labour to do it in 4 acres. Any idea on people who do it with machinery for a cost? Even if someone could rent out the machine alone, i hav people to run the machine. Any leads welcome. Or is there any other organic / natural way of clearing the weed.

  2. It is 20 days since plantation. No fertilizer has been applied till now. PLease suggest me the best organic fertilizer to use. Also suggest the quantity and process of applying them.

  3. Is panchagavya good for paddy? How to apply and any leads on suppliers ?

Please suggest me any other good practice to have a good and organic harvest.

Thanks in advance

My number - 9789050732

  1. Use Cono Weeder (You can buy one if you plan to do paddy farming going forward). Cono Weeder can be used best if you have followed SRI method. Otherwise, it would be difficult.
    Alternatively, put Azolla seeds in the water and allow to them to grow so that weeds do not come up. But right now, it may not be the right time.

Note: Advisably to contact local organic farmers.

Thanks. I might not be doing paddy farming fully. So, a bit hesitant about buying cono weeder. Thats why looking for some rentals.

Dear Mr. Narayanan - send me your mail ad, shall reply with some info, which may be useful. My mail is Bye

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Thanks Sir. sent you a mail with my contact information.

I have not recd your mail, send the same to my mobile. Bye


I also hav farms near Vandavasi and Cheyyur doing organic paddy for 3 yrs

Pl contact 9840035099

P N Subramanian

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Hi Shankar,

Pls do watch the entire series (13 videos) of this person named C. Karikalan. I’m not a paddy farmer myself but I did try no till farming on a trial basis.

As for the weeding tools, I’ve seen weirder attachments for brush cutters. You can look at them and decide if it’ll be useful. You can use the brush cutter for harvesting paddy also.

I will buy organic rice after cultivation. I am producing Fish Amino Acid. Any one interested to apply and try the result in small area? My number is 9003760574. Please msg me or whatsapp me if I dont pickup your call.