Need suggesions on mini rice mill

Need suggesions on mini rice mill. Im planning to mill my paddy and supply for customers. I found ZCT1000 MINI rice mill interesting.

Neat idea, I never thought of it.
I just looked up and it looks like there is a huge variety of small rice mills start at as low as Rs. 16k!
If the aim is to keep selling small quantities, the starting capacity of 150-200 kg/hr seems decent too.

Any idea if the quality/polish/brokens are up to the mark?

I dont know much about the milling machinery. The mini rice mill ZCT1000 end to end, this includes destoner, husking etc.,
I wanted to know if there are any indian machinery as such, because ZCT1000 is chineese machinery.

Looks like there are lots of indian manufacturers. A search on indiamart shoes many from Coimbatore, Gujarat etc. and they do seem economical.

srikanth548, plz don’t go for the chinese machine instead better go for a small single pass machine having 3-4 qtl milling capacity ,you will have to install screen for paddy cleaning & rice grading alongwith one screen for bran grading & a separator, as such i have got one & having experience in this field,for any advice you can contact me in my cell 9437255715

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Some pics of the operations will help. How much did it cost you?
Can you also please explain single pass, screens, grading etc. for newbies?

at present this is not in operation,but it works fine, any thing in detail
if you need i can provide as i got experience in this

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Does it give the same quality as outside milling?
Are brokens in acceptable range?
Are there options for brown rice, single polish etc.?
Do we need special power connection?
How much did you pay for it?


yes there is absolutely no difference between this mill & bigger rice mill
,only difference is the capacity,regrading percentage it depends on the
moisture,one can mill both raw /boiled paddy & the size may be long,medium
or short variety of paddy,yes polisher is fitted, power for this mill is
15hp & extra 2-3 hp for screening of paddy, cleaning/grading of rice & bran.

operation is simple just feed the paddy in the hopper adjust the sheller ,
it will dehusk the paddy & blow away the husk then it pass through the
polisher & rice comes out from one chute & the bran pass through the fitted
screen,still then you have to clean the rice to separate the broken one &
screen the bran to get the polish bran for sale to the solvent extraction
originally it was designed by japan & as per my knowledge is concern there
are two manufacturer one in calcutta & another in madras but can’t say the
present position as i had got it from calcutta about 7 years back.

if any one is interested then it is for sell with all accessories including
motor,startor, main switch, 3 nos of screen (frame only)
alongwith a 20" vertical chakki (grinding machine for milling of broken
rice,wheat & other items) with suitable counter shaft fitted with pulley to
operate either the rice mill or the chakki at any time.

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