Need sincere advice on starting contract poultry farm

hello friends
i’m a 33 yrs old business man from haryana currently i m in education business i got 6 acres of prime land in haryana i m curious about contract poultry farming but i am totally new in this field so i need some practical advice from the experts of this forum my queries are as follows:-[ol]
[li]is contract farming with venky etc right choice for a totally fresher?
what are the risks involved?
can i get nabard laon for this project?
a moderate revenue is fine with me in starting and i can start with 5000 chicks and i want to train myself before that is there any agency who trains novice ppl like me for poultry …


Hi Vivek,

We are doing poultry Privately, and we are running into loss. Even if you do it with integration/contract, I don’t think you will make a good profit out of it. This poultry business you can’t control all by your self, whether it is a private or contract. Everything will be controlled by others. Marketing is difficult phase, also feeding, they eat feed like anything… 

But , if you still wants to do this business , you can do it. Start with integration, so that you will come to know about business and difficulties(One has to be always there at farm, otherwise Labors will suck all…).

Before you start, you do lots of research. visit various farms around and discuss about Loss/Profit. You check with your state govt Poultry Course, which will be free, and it’s an one week course. But course providers will have knowledge about theory, they lack practical knowledge.

Start with 2000 birds only. Don’t waste your hard earned money.

Get your water tested. (Suguna asks water testing report).

My Suggestion : do a business where in you CONTROL the things. Poultry business is all about LUCK. Your hard work will go waste…

Note: I have written the above matter out of my experience, it is not intended to point any company or an individual.


hi vivek

u look an experienced person in poultry business. . wanted ur serious advise on layer farming.  is it a profitable business to get into? I m totally new to poultry. . plus, would it be worth if I start with 5000 birds initially?  and could u advise mechow thr eggs are exactly marketed?  I m planning to do this from a district in maharashtra. . I hav thought of doing it from MIDC so that there won’t be any trouble with water and electricity. . plez guide…