Need Sandalwood security system

Hi All,
we have 3500 sandalwood trees which aged about 6 years , we need to install security system , could someone suggest or provide contacts for this to get micro chips or any other security systems.Please mail me


you can also keep local dogs & give them training & food.

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Well where did u buy the plants & it’s rate
Planting space howmuch have u left

Contact in case you require guard dogs. We have almost all breeds available.

Thank you Sir for your Query. I am also in the same Problem of theft of Farm Equipment and produces. If you are having Domestic Single Phase Power supply you can go ahead with Security Cameras of IP surveillance is a digitized and networked version of closed-circuit television ( CCTV ). In an IP surveillance system , an IP camera records video footage and the resulting content is distributed over an IP (Internet protocol) network. and can view the Activities from any where through your Smart phone. If not having a domestic single phase power supply you have to install a Solar powered Power supply.

I am searching for the same and will let you know when I got it.

for Vasudha Green Farms,

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Thanku sir pls let me know it sir

**Security system with ex army men who posses gun license will be much more suitable, There can be a siren which can wake up the whole village in case of smugglers come for it as they won’t come with just machines to cut off the trees, they will come armed with guns is what I have seen in person ! With just security system you can’t do much, Once they are in the siren must go on and they will fear and run away, Then you need armed guards like ex-servicemen ! That’s the best way to go ! **

Grow sniffer dogs n hounds too that are trained to hunt down ugly vibe guys … Have animals n birds that are best bio guardians.