Need project report for dairy in Haryana

Do any of you have a new project report for dairy farming in haryana ?

How much is the subsidy on dairy farming in haryana by nabard or national dairy development board or any other govt agency?

Can we have your profile? seize of the land owning by you? Practical knowledge in dairy farming?

20 acre Land is owned by my family and have all the basic machinery used in agriculture.
We have 4 jersey cows for household use. … ources/75/

You have many formats of projects reports. You will also find lot of answers if you follow this thread.

Your profile includes your practical knowledge in dairy farming? If no, the please acquire it and then start dairy to safeguard your money, time etc.

I have full project report for 100 cows.

Check the link … cument_725

Hi farmnest friends,

Can someone guide who can provide man power to work in dairy farm in Anantapur, 180 kms from Bangalore. Will provide accomadation and good salary.

Your help will be much appreciated.