Need pointers on Multi-Cropping

Hi everyone! I’m John, an entrepreneurial wannabe farmer. I’ve recently acquired around 12 acres of land in South India, and am getting out of the everyday corporate lifestyle and into agriculture. i’ve done as much research as i can, but cannot find information about multicropping. My questions are;

  1. What is Multi-Cropping?
  2. Are different crops grown in the same acre of land?
  3. How do i find out if two crops are compatabile? (i.e they exist in harmony and benefit one another)
  4. Can someone on this forum educate me on organic cultivation, it’s pros and cons, yield per acre, time taken to break even, inputs (compost)?
  5. is there any organic pesticide we can use? I read about something called Zhol Mol they use in some parts of Assam.


[quote]1. What is Multi-Cropping?
2. Are different crops grown in the same acre of land?[/quote]

In agriculture, multiple cropping is the practice of growing two or more crops in the same piece of land during a single growing season.
It can take the form of double-cropping, in which a second crop is planted after the first has been harvested,
or relay cropping, in which the second crop is started amidst the first crop before it has been harvested.

Meet the local Farmers discuss about there experience with two compatible crops

One example of multi-cropping is tomatoes + marigold; the marigolds repel some tomato pests.

Another is Growing Watermelon in Sugarcane Fields

Three Sisters (agriculture) i.e inter-cropping strategies, sometimes called mixed cropping

The “three sisters” are maize ( CORN ) , Beans and squash (Pumpkin.) … ction.html

Organic Pesticides are available in market … icide.html

About Zhol Mol
‘zhol mol’, an organic liquid pesticide made from neem leaves, timur, garlic, livestock urine, and water,

Thanks for the info Rohit! Really appreciate it. I’ve begin to cultivate Sesame on just 1 plot, as a testing phase. Completely organic, with no chemicals whatsoever. I’ve also initiated a small batch of Zhol Mol in the meantime, as it takes about 20 days to mature. will post results once done.

Fingers crossed on this one!