Need plantation advice for 16 acres near Hyderabad (20kms)

Dear Members,

Our extended family has land near Hyderabad (20kms from ECIL or Uppal, 7kms from Keesara). I and my uncle are interested in setting up a farm/plantation in our 16 acres of land. We both are working fulltime as software engineers in Hyderabad (near gachibowli, approx 1.5 hrs drive or 55 kms from land) and are not planning to completely leave our job and switch to farming at least in the near term. We are not from a farming background so this is completely new to us.

In 2010, we constructed 2 poultry sheds of 10,000 capacity each. We leased it several times and most of the time, lease incurred losses due to low growth and mortality of chicks. We came to know only the winter batch of chickens used to gain good weight and less mortality. Our land is surrounded by small hills and rocks and almost no trees in our land. So we think the heat in summer is the reason for low chicks growth and mortality. For the last few years it is vacant. Though lot of ppl asking us to rent the poultry farm but we are not interested because the original issue (heat) needs to be fixed.

So we are in search of what, how, and whether to start the plantation. Any guidance/pointers in this direction would be of great help to us.

Main motivation:

  1. Interest in growing trees. Personal satisfaction. Our family can spend some time at farm when we visit our village. Also, we can consume fruits/produce from our farm.
  2. It can be a source of income for my parents who live in the village.
  3. It also acts as a security to our land. Land rates appreciated a lot in recent times. Leaving unattended doesn’t feel like a good option for the longterm.
  4. An option for retirement if we settle in our village in the future (I am 30 and my uncle 40 years old). If profits are great, we can think of early retirement also (but want to keep a realistic expectation).

Our expectations:

  1. At least financially self-sustainable if not good profits. Should be able to generate revenues to meet atleast regular farm expenditure including labour, maintenance etc.

Additional Info:

  1. We have a bore of 1 inch water. (we drilled it for poultry farm). (Also water is bit hard/saline). I heard ppl saying this won’t be sufficient for not even a 2-3 acres of any plantation even with drip irrigation. So what are our options? To drill additional bore?
  2. At present, we lease land for cattle grazing. we get Rs.20,000 per year for the whole 16 acres.
  3. How to get soil testing done? soil is wheatish in color with lot gravels. Locals say our soil/sand is good for the construction of buildings.
  4. There are some scattered custard apple (sithaphal) trees in our land growing on their own. Neighboring lands have mango plantations and paddy fields.
  5. Willing to invest upto 10 to 20 Lakhs.
  6. Would prefer less labour intensive plants. It seems getting labour is becoming difficult in our area.
  7. Since our land is near to hyderabad (even daily city buses come to our village), suggest plantations which could benefit from this.

Some of our thoughts:

  1. Almost zero maintenance approach: plant timber trees like red sanders, sandalwood and teak in all the land. Care for initial 2-3 years till plant gets set. then leave it for next 20-25 years. Security might be a problem in later years.
  2. All season fruit plantation: plant different trees like mango, guava, sithaphal, pomegranate, lemon, orange, anjeer, tamarind, jamun etc such that every month we should get some harvest for monthly income. Also, it will reduce our risks due to untimely rains, pest attacks, variations in market prices. We need to hire a family or two to stay in and look after the farm fulltime. (still can accommodate few longterm timber trees like red sanders, sandalwood in farm peripheries.)
  3. Experimental plantations: like herbals (ashwagandha, aloeveera) or exotic plants (date palm, dragon fruit) etc. It looks like a big gamble but all success stories on TV or youtube are mostly about these plantations. Not sure to what extent they are true.

Along with above, thinking of possibility of constructing a farm house along with some recreation facilities (paint ball, shuttle, volley ball) for renting in weekends. Also with the plantation, I think the temperature on the farm will come down a bit and we can restart/rent poultry farm.

We can help you professionally. Your ideas are good. Implementation needs to done properly. This needs a professional approach. Casual approach will result in present state of affairs. If you are 8nterested let us know. You can email us.

I agree, 16 acer is a good size plot and your short term and long term plans need to be kept in mind. If you cant spend time to do it yourself (and it looks like that from what you have written) I would recommend going in for professional services to get it done.

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First thing, I would suggest you to talk to a professional (either farmer or company) and get a basic quote per acre.

  1. What are the expenses like Capital Cost & Maintenance Cost?
    Capital Cost is a one time cost like buying machinery, tools, stones for fencing, barbed wire, nursery plants etc.
    Maintenance Cost includes labour cost, seeds cost, electricity cost, diesel for the machines etc.
  2. What are the Profits?
    When the profits will start? Is it after 6 months or 12 months or few years down the line?
  3. What is the cost for design, implementation to the professional (per month or per year or how many years?

If you are not satisfied with the professional approach and would like to take your own mode of growing your crops, i will suggest you another approach.

  1. Grow a mix of Short Term Crops (33%), Medium Term Crops (33%) & Long Term Crops (34%).
    Short Term Crops will give you results within a year or two. (Vegetables, Papaya, Moringa, Banana etc)
    Medium Term Crops will give you results within 5-10 years. (Lemon, Custard Apple, Sapota etc)
    Long Term Crops will give you results after several years. (Mango, Tamarind, Timber Trees etc)

1.Always start with the water. Suggest you to dedicate 2 acres of land to dig a pond as your water source is dismal.
2.Fence the entire area with minimal expenditure and grow natural fencing along with the temporary fence immediately.
3.Design the Land into layouts. You can either follow ZBNF or some other model for this.
4.Focus on making money at the earliest. Start growing Vegetables (it can be even under 1 acre) with the available water. This will also help the soil to improve. Go for 1/3rd model. Lease this part of the land to a farmer and ask him to give 1/3rd of the returns. You should have the first right to buy the entire crop from him. This way he cannot cheat you. If he quotes higher price, you can refuse to buy the crop and if he quotes lowest price, buy from him and sell where possible. This is one of the tactics you can follow.
5.As I said in Point No.3, focus more on the design as this will help or hurt you in the long run.
6. Stagger your investments only after seeing the results. The reason is each and everybody will approach you with their own ideas to extract more money from you. Resist them in the beginning itself.
7.If possible, go for organic from now on, if it is not already done. This way you can reduce your expenses to a minimum level.

Feel free to contact me.

Best of Luck!!!

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Sir, Are you willing to long lease this property for minimum of 5 years?
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