Need paddy farming details

i want to information about peddy i have 6 acr land for peddy pls gave me all details regarding like what is distance plant to plant
i want complete information about peddy farming.

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atul sharma


Hi Atul Sharma,

That is a very generic question. Please post specific questions so members can provide advice.

Good luck.

Please go thru this link, there is a PDF on SRI method of paddy growing. This should help you.‎

SRI is a good method but labour intensive one , at least in the initial stages. Instead you can try direct seeding method and use of cono weeder / finger weeder .

This year I am trying a 2 Acers of paddy and I have put the Narumadi. I sowed BPT seeds and am in the process of preparing the land for cage wheel ploughing after which I can plant the seedlings which are around 10days old. Please share any information and precautions to be taken for paddy cultivation. I am just following the local process.


Don’t take the number of days to count. The seedlings should have attained two leaf stage. Also maintain a square pattern of 10 inch distance.

The seedlings are ready for the plantation and the local guys are suggesting putting some 20-20-0-13 mixed 1:1 with Urea along when the seedlings are planted. Please suggest if this is correct. Also please suggest the next time a fertilizer to be used? What are the general pests in Paddy and I am only interested in organic pestcides so any recomendations are appreciated.


Last year we did use chemical fertilizers (I was abroad and couldn’t take control of the situation). But this time I want to do it organic way and any information on type of fertilizers, schedule, bio/organic pesticides will be greatly appreciated.

NOTE: Seeds were sown on 18th (last week).


I have been doing paddy on small piece of land since last 3 years. (have not used any synthetic chemicals).

Production is not as great as other chemical counter parts. But I use native variety which has tall grass. so my nutrients are used by leaf as well. On the other hand hybrid varieties are more concentrated on grains. Hay is important for cattle.

Traditionally here in Kerala people add wood ash(ash gives most of the trace nutrients) after tilling the land. Then leaf litter is added and seeds sown(mostly cashew - leaf decompose and make way and nutrients for feeder roots). Leaf litter also controls weeds to some extend- direct planting.

Replanting - Seeds are sown in beds. Land is prepared when it floods. Lot of nutrients come along with water. once replanting happens. Chemicals fertilizers are used.

Pest like grass hoppers, bugs are plenty initially, need not worry if you are not looking at maximizing profit. Only time to take care is when the flowers emerge just after south west monsoon are gone. Flowers and the vein transporting milky sap is sucked by flies and other pest(rats). Very crucial stage. I spray jeevaamrut this keeps most flies and pest away. Neighbors do get annoyed.  ;D

ducks can be used to control pest. they eat pest and don’t disturb paddy.

After the flowers have emerged there is no use in giving any type of fertilizer. Every thing has to happen before it.

Very important part what most people have forgotten is Earth Worms. During olden times when fields were flooded. Worm casting could be seen near the paddy roots. This is very essential for success of paddy in natural way.

Also replanting of the paddy can be done till 30 to 35 days and not beyond that.

Dear Anoop, thanks a lot for the info. I was looking for pest control part in particular. I too was thinking of Jeevamrutha but wasn’t sure if it was effective. Since you have already tried it successfully, it has given me more confidence.


My Paddy is going good so far. I have a few pest issues but sorry to say that I went ahead with the chemical pesticides. I have below listed all the activities till now on my Paddy.

  1. Sowed seeds - 12th June
  2. Planted the saplings - 24th July
  3. When the saplings were planted used DAP - (20-20-0-20)
  4. Sprinkled Urea and Basement. - 12th Aug
  5. Cleared weeds - 23rd and 24th Aug.
  6. We have noted some redness and so sprayed CROWN POWDER mixed with Neem Oil. - 26th Aug
  7. Sparyed Neem Oil. - 31st Aug
  8. We have noted some leaf folding and small white like creepers so used chemical pesticides give by a local trader :frowning:. - 10th Sep.

The guy now wants to apply another round of fertilizer and he suggest Ammonia, is this correct?

Will attach a few pictures in my next post.