Need organic farming advisor from hyderabad

i have 4 acres agricultural land near hyderabad and i presently doing organic farming i need assistance/adviser who can farm visit once a month and suggest looking for microbiologistor M SC, B SC experienced person i am ready to pay per visit

Sir ,which crop is under cultivation ? We too have organic farming?
I am from me on 8975079189(Maharashtra)

Watch Youtube Videos of Subhash Palekar and read his books.That should be more than enough to maintain your farm.Zero Spending,more profit.

Since you are already familiar with organic farming, do try and read further about concepts of permaculture way of creating sustainable farm and livelihoods.
There are many practitioners of permaculture in and around Hyderabad who may be able to support your farming needs.
Alternatively, please attend an introduction session nearest and most applicable to your climate and soil conditions. I am aware of Aranya Permaculture based in Zaheerabad, but i am sure there are many other avenues to understand a holistic way of living and farming.

If nothing else works out, please message me. I offer consultation, site visits and implementation support.

Warm regards


You can add all weather green grass which give good returns and year round sales.

we can give complete guidance from planting to sales

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