Need mentor’s guidance & support for a farming toddler!

Dear Farming Mentors!

As I had mentioned in my earlier posts, I am farming enthusiast, was in advertising field having no agricultural knowledge/background. Waited for a while & believe this is the right time to get into farming full time & continue doing advertising as a support.

But I am clueless where to start & how to go about it. I though it will of great help if anyone who is willing to lend their surplus, small, un-used agriculture land for 1-2 years lease, this will help try my hand in farming & also will help me gain knowledge from mentors next to me. Look forward for your positive replies & support.

Thanking you,

Hope you were around Mumbai. Would have lend you a part of my land. I am learning and would have been great to have another learner with me to share notes :slight_smile:

Let me know if you are interested in Mettupalayam area ( Coimbatore Dist.) one of my friend is doing his own 3.25 acre dry land ( completely no chemical but waiting for the so far failed monsoon in this area) but have another 1 acre of well irrigated lands. This irrigated land he may share and also partially this dry land but with a condition of ZERO chemicals… Send a PM for more details if you are seriously interested. 

Dear Shri1885,
I am really moved by your offer, thanks a ton for kind words. Strongly wish, I’ll get a chance to meet you & work along sometime. Till then let us keep in touch on this forum, will surely keep you posted about my development, also if possible share your experiences which will help me gain knowledge in farming.

Dear Rasam,
I am excited, thanks a ton for your reply. I am interested & shared my details in PM, even I am looking at organic / natural farming.
Trust this will be great learning experience for me, once again thanks for your time & support.