Need Information on Rain Gun

Hi Guys … I need an detail information on rain gun its advantages and disadvantages.
            And where it is available in karnataka, and also the price of it,and how much rain gun should be there for 5 acreas of land ,and most important for which kinda of crops it should be used…
Thank you :slight_smile:

See below videos to understand how it works

Approx cost of Rain gun is 4000 to 6000/Rs. It is available in every dist headquarters. In my place all irrigation shops sell it.

Also see a detailed discussion in this forum in below link … rrigation/

Hi…Thanks Sri2012 for ur reply… i m residing in karnataka… i wanna know where can i buy near to my place in karantaka. and price of it.
can i get address and phone no.

I am sure that Gulbarga has Agrimart outlet. You can check it there.or any shps which sells drip irrigation, they will get it on placing order. In Hassan it is sold in many agri shops.
cost varies from 4,800 to 5,650 in my place.
By the way what is your source of water? and what Crop you are going to grow?

sri2012… Hi i am having 2 borewells one is of 8Hp and other is of 5 HP… Presently i m growing banana g-9 in 4 acres(drip irrigated) and other 4 acres i have vegetables (ladyfinger,brinjal,beans and bitroot ),i am getting problem in irrigating vegetables as i need more labours so thought of using rain gun… i asked the price in jain drip irrigation in gulbarga…the price they said is 29000…very large price compared to ur’s bro… so wanted to clarify the price.

Check this too: … n-systems/

The price I mentioned was a year old. May be it is only the gun. Not other accessories like stand and other stuffs.
Can you give the list of items he is quoting. Looks like it is not only gun. May be preesure regulator is also included. I will get you the exact quote from here.

Thanks Chandra and sri2012 for ur reply… sri2012 i will let u know the details soon … :slight_smile:

Just a thought, rain gun or sprinklers are not advisable for vegetables as water falling on leaves may cause more incidences of fungal diseases. In many crops, it also causes flower drop.

So be careful where you plan to apply the rain gun sprinkler.

In my area, Mysore, the whole package with stand and gun in 4,500. If you can go to bangalore, you can get it from there, its comparitively cheaper there. Brand name is Harit / Penguin (, you have multiple options based on pressure available and area to cover.


I agree with Nikhil. There is one more issue is that crops may bend for the force of the water falling.

There is one more advantage in this. When water descends thru atmosphere it gets aerated and some portion of water gets mistified. When mistified water percolates to ground there will be more soil aeration. This point is already brought by our forum member (Gunda)

Is it advisable for fodder crops like co4, maize, sorgum etc… what about mango saplings, 1 year old…?