Need information and guidance to set up greenhouse

Hello All,

I am new to this forum and I am interested in setting up a greenhouse for roses in and around Bangalore. However, I am totally new to farming and have a few questions:

  1. Can a person with a non farming background set up a greenhouse in Karnataka?
  2. Can a green house be set on leased land or on a joint venture?
  3. Is it necessary to buy an agricultural land for setting a green-house?
  4. Since, I am not a farmer - I want some green house experience and I would like to know whom should I approach for gaining knowledge?
  5. Lastly, farming is very male dominated sector but I want to venture into floriculture - what challenges do you think I would face as a female?

It would be kind of you forum members to guide me.

Thank you.

Well Come to the Forum and wishing you all is well.

Agriculture is science to understand and Arts to execute, hence farming background is must to any agricultural activity including greenhouse.

Setting greenhouse on leased land is not advisable. However you can join with any land owner for joint venture.

Since greenhouse production is an agriculture activity and hence it is just and proper to have agriculture land.
You may approach any greenhouse cultivar to learn lessens about practical knowledge on greenhouse. However lot of information is available in internet you know it.

The history depicts that both male and female can do any agricultural activities, their is no specific restriction except certain activities like growing and maintaining beetle leafs orchard as it is by male farmers because to maintain certain principles in beetle leaf farming. However it is just like routine life like job.

Doing floriculture activity demands your expertise and cope up with present market and agricultural situations mainly cultivation and marketing technics.

I have an opportunity for you to join in a greenhouse, be in touch to join it.

Dear Sir ,
iam also interested in the opportunity to join the green house.
Request to please share me the details
please share me your mailid so that i can contact you …



you can do wonders in green house
u need not to worry
one main thing is can you spare entire time with farming or not if u have full time then can do
that is not big task

Dear friend

it can be done only when u have a time i mean u have to be in the field and not a absenty land lord
now dept of horticulture is giving 50% subsidy ie 8 lakhs to one acre poly house

we have buy back system for color capsicums with consultation fees

feel free to contact us


Hi All,

I am new to this forum and in the agriculture field as well.
I am an NRI working in middle east. I am planning to settle back in india Kerala. So as a passion to this agri field, i would like to start a poly-farm, and to start with I think, vegetables like cucumber, beans, yard long beans could be some good ones.
I need your suggestions on this, the crops as well as setting up and things like that.
I am in search of a land near at kollam dist. kerala or nearby. Because i stays in city area, I dont have much space there.

So if any one have some land area of 30cents+ and wants to rent/lease it or share a big area with me would be  great.
I initially want to setup a poly house of 1000 sq mtr.

share your ideas, comments and suggestions with me.
Thanks to all in advance.