Need ideas on intregrated farming

Some of you may already know Savera Farms is into uhd Mango, moringa, melia dubia and now venturing into goatery…

As part of the integrated approach of farming, I am trying to seek ideas on other forms of integrated farming (not for commercial purpose, but as perks to my labor) which may include cow for milk, chicken for consumption/pest controller, maybe turkey if it has any benefits.

I would appreciate if people can come up with ideas that are not too costly, low maintenance, beneficial to the farm as well as labour, and ideas on how to build shed etc…
Ideally, I would like to keep them all under 1 roof :slight_smile:

Mr. Johrin,

I not understood your post fully, but I think you mean you want to do activity with less labour requirement. Labour availability is big issue in India, though we have large population.

Shall I suggest that you grow jasmine in about one-fourth or one-eighth acre close to your farm house. Fresh jasmine flowers have a high market value in Tamil nadu in wholeslae market going for 150-750 rs/kg.

Plant it close to your house so that you can supervise it easily every morning plucking.
Jasmine starts to yield from six months itself for about 15 years.
In six months, you should get yield of about 100 kg from one-fourth acre for remining year.
As plant matures, in 4th year onwards you should get minimum 2-3 kgs daily.
If it is one-eighth acre you can do all operations in it in one hour every day.
For one-fourth acre, one or two farm workers need to spend maximum four man-hours per day.
You can inetrcultivate with marigold which will act a  pest control agent for jasmine.

One of my known person in Karnataka doing this. Apart from plucking flowers he wife also makes it in garland and they send it to mangalore market. Sometimes they make 5000-10,000 or even 15,000 rs in one day if some festival is there, normally they make about 200-500 rs per day from one-eighth acre.  However, please note, on festival days this person sell in retail market himself and does not give garlands to retailer/wholesaler.

I may also suggest you try some form of permaculture in about 1 acre with one-sixteenth acre pond. If you check your local KVK, they can give you details of plants in high demand and suitable for sivagagna area. Then suitably  layout one acre permaculture crops like moringa (you already grow), gourds, yams, lotus, brinjal, colacassia, beans, sweet potato, fish, duck, chicken, etc. (not all gourds, brinjals, beans, etc are permaculture, you have to check which type, I dont know there english names. also plants like colacassia, etc will spread. indivdual plants will die, but new ones will be produced without replanting) A person I used to know in Thane, maharshtra who was working in private company does this same thing in one or two acre land in about 10-15 hours per week. He spend about one or two hour in morning, goes to work and maybe spend one hour in evening.

Also, if you can grow anthrurium, heliconia, other flowers, etc in your shade house it will be profitable.

Thank you,


I was looking from an integrated farming point of view. I am not looking to start a new venture like flower cultivation etc…Idea being that the animals or birds should offer benefits to the farm and labors…I can think of cow, chicken, (maybe cats to mitigate field rats)…

Has anybody done anything else…? Again this is not for commercial purpose but more so to have keep pests under control as well as benefits to the labor…

Dear saverafarms,

You can try the following options:-

  1. Pigeon Farming - Will take minimal space and maximum output.  You can create a simple Pigeon House with leftover woods.  It can be both for fun as well as for meat.  Different varieties exist for each purpose.
  2. Dogs - Dogs are very good companions and also helpful in protecting your farm.  Go for local dogs like Kombai, Alangu, Rajapalayam, Kanni etc
  3. Turkey Farming - Can be combined with Chicken Farming. Meat sold during Christmast is very popular.
  4. Duck Farming - It makes sense only when there is waterbody in your place. Keralites like Duck Eggs as well as meat from them and can be sold commercially as well.
  5. Rabbits Farming - Leftover leaves or vegetables can be utilized to grow Rabbits and they grow exponentially.
  6. Honey Bee Farming - Good source of honey without much work. Contact Josepine or search for her in google.
  7. Quail Farming - Need only very small area and commercially also viable nowadays.

Hope this will keep your hands full.

Padmanabhan Ganesan


Added to ganesan suggestion, few cows ie. 3 or 4 to maintain regular milk yielding for round the year and 3-4 cats are essential. If you are not particular about the commercial aspects and to less attention given to care, you select desi cows.

cows can give milk, is required for your labourers,dogs,calves,cats etc.,

mannure can be used  for your farm.

surely cats will controle rats etc.,  verymuch helpful and effective.

all the best.


I am Hariprasanth I am doing Organic Integrated farming for the past 11 years mail me

Why dont you reply here rather than a private mail, so that methods will be usefull for mankind.

Thanks for your suggestions.
What is the labor requirement for 4 cows, relative to cleaning, feeding etc…?
What kind of shed is required for cats? Remember, my farm is being developed so there is very little tree cover etc…It is all open currently.

Yes, that is enough to keep my hands full. :slight_smile:

Does turkey help in controlling pests?

Every farmer has different needs and not only that every farm is different from one another an idea which is good for one will be bad for another. People who came to my farm to copy my model failed in their quest, but people after visiting and asked for consultancy prospered, that is why I like farmers contact me in my personal email. Regarding labours for 4 cows 1 is enough with a milking machine. Cats should not be caged. Allow the cats to roam freely if you don`t have any poultry.


Dear hari,

o.k. you are right. But, you can think in other way too. Farmnest like forums are very much helping … in to share the difficulties,clear the doubts,boost the confidence, see the other way of looking problems, understand different ideas,select suitable suggestion which suit to their situation and conditions,consider others experiences as pre-cautions…so it is good na…

finally, selecting the suitable suggestion or soluition is based on their individual situation. so many times I have learnt lot of things by watching and reading others conversation,experiences sharing in this forum.

Dear saverfarm,

Mr. hari is right,cat’s are no need of cage and it should be free than only pests are controled. Anyway some servant quarters you have to built na,they will live along with them.  For 4 cows simple open type shed is enough with hatched roof or general GI/asbestos sheets if you are further ready to spend.

wish you all the best,


Looks like you have a great site and information, hariprasanth.
I agree with sri and kasturiraju you should provide more of your experiences on the forum for the benefit of everyone! :slight_smile:

Saverafarms, Hariprasanth, Kasturiraju & others in this thread,
Can you people provide any photos of your farm/orchard and dairy? as you people are really doing agriculture activities and I wants to see the beauty of your activities.

It would be great if you can create your own topic under FarmNest Showcase and update time to time with some juicy pics.

Dear saverafarms,

What kind of pests are you talking about?  Please provide more details.

Padmanabhan Ganesan

Dear saverafarms,
Please go for Desi Cows.  I have already given the phone number of Natarajan under Dairy Entrepreneurs who is able to get 8-12 Litres of Milk from Kangayam Cows.

I do not know how many families of labour you have employed.  Based on the needs of the milk, you can decide on the number of cows.

Padmanabhan Ganesan

hi chandra,

thanks for invitation.

Iam slow on compter usage. anyway guide me how to post the photographs . surely, try to do the same.

thanks and regards,


Well, worms that you would find on the ground, near mango, fodder etc…which may affect mango etc…


Dear Saverafarms,

Desi Chickens and Turkeys are good at controlling worms very much which are in the ground.

Padmanabhan Ganesan