Need ideas for solar lighting for farm roads

I am planning to install a few solar lights to light up the main roads of the farm. Looking for ideas from the folks in the forum who may have installed solar lighting in the past.

What wattage is typically recommended ?
CFL vs LED - Which one is better ?
What is the maintainance cost for the system ?

Any other inputs would be appreciated…

Hi Saverafarms,

Not sure if this is helpful. I got in touch with U-solar yday to find out few basic details about solar for my farm. I’m talking to Ms. Rajaram there. She is very helpful and informative. If you’ve not already contacted them - here

Hi Kaustubh,

Please take a look at this group … reen-india

There should have be existing threads discussing this topic, if not post your topic and you will get good information.


Helo all,

I have successfully installed and commissioned a 1KWp solar system for lights both internal and external, fans and a tv with dish connection at my farm. After some time I also intend to put a solar water pump at my farm.

You can contact me on or send a personal message here with your requirement and contact nos. and I can guide you on this.

Its installation cost is high but the maintainence cost is almost NIL.


Dear TGF-TheGoatFarm,

Could you share the specification and the cost please.
What kind of panels, charge controller and batteries do you use? A separate thread with full details and pics will be fabulous too.


Dear TGF-TheGoatFarm,

I am also planning to install similar set up, it would be great learn about the details and your experiences. Things to plan for, to be aware of etc would be very helpful.

Also, were you able to get MNRE subsidy?


Dear Prakruti,

Please send your farm location details your contact no. And address and also the following:

How many points of lights of 20W CFL you intend to use and for how many hours…Do you want to use any fan or tv with dish in your staff quarters…any other appliance you would want to use.

Please send this information on or as a personal mail on this forum.


TGF-The Goat Farm

I have requested TGF-TheGoatFarm to post details on the topic so it helps more people.

Does anyone have recommendations around dusk to dawn photocells that we can use for our exterior lighting needs? They need to be easily available and easy to setup.

Dear nkjohri,

The photocells as such dont have dusk to dawn operations. But dusk to dawn operation can be included in one of the components called solar charge controller.

To understand better as to how this works, 1st please understand how the setup is connected normally for any lighting on solar:

solar panels - solar charge controller - battery - lighting load

We have no direct control over the power generated on solar panels, but charge controller when designed and programmed for D2D function, it does control the battery as to when to supply the power to the loads.

So the moment solar power is zero (ideally sunset) the charge controller starts supply to the lights and when sun rises i.e when the solar panels gives power output the charge controller cuts of the power supply to loads.

This setup is normally available in our street light solution.

Hope this helps.


Saravana Kumar
Greencurrent Solar Energy Systems

Hi sir,
You can go with 12 watt led solar light at the hight of 5 meters.
Any further details please mail to
Rakesh Sharma

Hi Rakesh,

Very curious to know how have you recommended 12W.Why not 6W,9W,18W,24W or 32W or higher, given that the requirement did not mention the spacing required or area to be lit up? Same is the case with height of 5m?


Saravana Kumar
Greencurrent Solar Energy Systems

Dear Sir ,
I think you are new in solar or led lighting filed,
As its the road in the farm and lux for farm is enough from  15 to 20 lux and in twelve watt led will give around 35 lux from 12 feet total pole will be 5 meter above ground level it will be 12 feet.
If you can any doughts about any thing in renewable energy please clear your doughts.
There are different wattages for application as solar light in part, solar light in appartment coman area or street light in rural.

good discussion and my requirement too.
can you fellows help me decide a solar powered light system to light about 500 mtrs of farm road? sufficient light tat i dont trip n break my teeths, not to read books under it.
i am intrested in maintenance details and cost.

It is very unfortunate that sensible clarifications makes you think we are novice. I dont want to get into how you design your system, but here’s how we do it;

A)Determine the area to be lit
B)Determine the spacing requirement based on total area
C)Identify what lux will illuminate the area @ spacing
D)Suggest a suitable wattage that caters to the required lux


Saravana Kumar

Dear Sir,

Please mail me the details (Location, spacing between the lights required, whether you need option to connect grid to these lights as well etc) to

I will email the cost and details of the solution.


Saravana Kumar

Aren’t we are going too much technical here for these trivial lighting job that too in farm. Many time too much technical will induce fear among normal users and they go away from application thinking complexity. Someone clearly informed that they don’t want to read under light. Even if there is little less illumination between two poles, I don’t think it is matter of concern.

I would encourage farm members here atleast for lighting purpose go to DIY (Do It Yourself) route. Lighting from solar panels in no rocket science. Most of the individual components available in market. The most expensive part will be solar panels. then charge controller. Solar panel would be 70 to 80% of cost.

Why I am suggesting DIY route is, in most of the developed country maximum amount of farmer do these things themselves. Why not in India? It wll have many benefits

  1. Saving in Cost
  2. You can plan your DIY as per capital availalibility
  3. Most satisfying.

For example: First time just put one light and see till what area it is giving sufficient light as per your requirement. Then put another pole at the distance where you need light. No need to go for lots of technical in these aspects. There are other area that need your maximum attention.

Maintenance part:
There will be below maintenance activities

  1. Clean Solar Panels once in a month from dust and debris sticked on it.
  2. Battery replacement in 4 - 6 years. This will be major expense.
  3. LED/CFL replacements once it is fused.

Similar way, you can install the lightings inside your farm house as per your requirement.

Hi Anuj

Welcome aboard.

DIY is cheap but this needs to be on the implementation part and not the design part. Like anyone with basic wiring knowledge can wire solar panels to cc and battery/load, but the spec of panel battery cc needs to be selected by someone who understands what is what.

Belive you are a techie, can you imagine a 24v panel connected to a 12v battery by a diy enthusiast?

My intention is not to scare diy enthusiasts. Infact I strongly recommend diy projects myself but my point is diy needs to be done where it is and rest is better let to experts.

Again this is an individual’s choice.