Need hole digger/Earth Auger on rent


Hi Friends,

I am going to plant banana in a farm of 10 acres. For this i need to drill pits. Can i get hole digger/ earth auger machine on rent in Hyderabad ? I can manage with both tractor drawn or manual operated machine.

Please let me know if somebody can help me to get this machines on rent in Hyderabad.

Thanks & regards


Even I am also looking for hole digger/ post hole earth auger  on rent in and around Madhugiri/Tumkur.

Even ready buy second hand one any one selling in and around Tumkur/Bangalore.


Thank you sir for your Requirement,

We are suggesting you to go far a Tractor Mounted  Digger with dia  of  12" and 20" which costs you at Rs.90,000 . They will Provide you both 12’ Auger and 20" Auger .This is suitable when you are having your Own Tractor with sufficient Land Holding and can give it for Rent too.

If you are a small Farmer we are suggesting you go for a Hole Digger of China Make (But GOOD one) at Rs.29000/-. If you go far a French Digger you need to Spend Rs.65,000/ .The capacity of both are the same and both are Petrol Engines. You can dig 12" Inches Dia. If you need to have a Bigger Dia you need to Drill TWO Holes side by side.If you need any One of them Pl. Contact :
for Vaudha Green Farms,
Ph: 09133498366 
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Thanks Mr. Saytyanarayana.Manne,

I know the market rates did enough market survey.  But not interested to invest so much.  So searching for renting or used one to buy.


Did someone get lucky on the hole digger rentals?? Please do let me know as well.

Is there a possibility that a like minded group could pool & make an outright purchase??


Check pervious yr editions of annadatha. I have seen advt regarding farming equipment for rent and the rates were reasonable . Tractor mounted.



Thank you Bhayya,

Earlier AP Agros is in the Business of Renting Farm Equipments. But now there is no existence of this. Now if you want a Hole Digger , kindly call me on 9133498366 along with your Requirements, I will guide you Properly
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Dear forum farmer friend,

I too need it ,at times. I can join with like minded and near by farmers, to share the expenditure for auger machine.

I went to Ind area, jalahalli, met the officials of Hitachi company and they have shown 2 models. One is 8 inch, costs around  rs 37,000/_ and 14 inch rs 62,000/_.

My farm is near chikballapur, north side at 28 kms distance, in bengaluru _ Hyderabad road.

With best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer


I have the one from Maaxindia. Its much cheaper and have been using it since 2 years now. Check it out


Price, photos/videos, where to buy please?
Or even a review in the products section if possible?


I ordered from It cost me 28000/- about 2 years back. Now i got a price of 29,500/-. This comes with a 9 inch bit. 12 inch bit can be bought from them separately. Its pretty rugged per my usage. Few folks also borrowed from me for their use. Engine part is still pulling along. But the bit got spoilt since it was used with a rock without proper knowledge by somebody who borrowed from me.


We can provide Earth Augur on Rent in and around Hyderabad,
Interested Pl. Contact 9133498366.


Any other vendors who can provide the services around Bangalore, Chikballapur & Kolar.


I need Earth Auger for digging 1.5 feet pit for planting banana plants. Please share contact in/around Mysore.