Need help with Mango tree care


I need some help with identifying some problems (& hopefully the solutions) I have observed on my mango tree leaves. Some pics attached. Any help here would be great.

  1. Leaf covered with a white fungus and wrinkled - Only the new leaves seem straight / plain / healthy, mature leaves would get wrinkled.

  2. Leaves with yellow spots. Some new leaves too appear with the yellow spots.

Some advise on what fertilizer & pesticide should be used (organic only), the schedule, etc. would be helpful too.


Dear aalcaponix,
A couple of more questions before you go on to the cause and solutions

  1. The white matter - is it actually a powder or is it a sort of scaling? If you tend to remove it, does it get brushed off or does it come out in the form of epidermal scales?

  2. Primafacie the yellowing of leaves looks like damage due to high velocity rain drops. Is it perennial or have you noticed it only during this monsoon?

  3. Wrinkling of mature leaves - the leaves look pretty mature in the photograph. As such a minor wrinkling/ twisting of the leaves is a natural phenomenon. however, take care that during spraying operations the twisted part is also sprayed evenly as later it might act a source of contagion in terms of pests and diseases. Try spraying a multi-micronutrient product - Biozyme or something is that group. It might help

Dear Amoldharkar,

I too had the same issue in my farm and the leaves were wrinkling and the new blooming leaves were falling off. I went to a local store and bought some pesticides (a liquid and powder) and started spraying yesterday. I dont remember the pesticides on top of my head but will share asap. The guy suggested me 25ml of both mixed in 15 lts of water and to be sprayed. I herd that this is a general pesticide and can be used for any kind of insects and on all plants.


Even my mango tree in my backyard has some issue that new tender leaves get cut exactly at a perticular point at all the buds. looks like someone has purposely trimmed the leaves; could be some insects mischief… :astonished:
Can anyone suggest what could be the cause and remedy for this issue please…


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Dear Amol,

Many thanks for your reply. The white powder is scaly indeed. In fact, on the portion of the leaf that has the white scales, the bottom side of the leaf appears ‘dried up’ (while it’s still a moist leaf - the remaining portion of the leaf may be green).

I have only observed the yellow spots this monsoon. However, they seem to appear on all the leaves (even on the bottom ones). Also, there’s another mango tree right next to mine, no such spots on those leaves.

I would also appreciate any information on the fertilizer and pesticides to be used (organic) here & the schedule. The tree’s about 30 years old.



Dear Guatam,

A clear case of leaf miner (not exactly like the one seen in vegetables like tomato,etc). Spray a neem based product at regular intervals (say a week apart) till you stop noticing the incidence.

Try spraying a micronutrient combination that should contain Iron, Magnesium and Calcium if possible. Chelated micronutrients will be better than the sulphate.

What is the schedule of fertilizer application that you are currently following. If possible can post a close-up photograph of the “yellow spots”. Need to check a few things before posting the cure.

Dear Mr. Dharkar,

I’ve tried to get a close-up of the spots, please let me know in case I need to get better ones.

We don’t use any fertilizer for the tree regularly. For some years (till about 4 - 5 years ago) we’ve used a handful of urea around the base as fertilizer - a month before and after the rains.

This tree hadn’t been giving too many fruit for the last few years. I added a lot of new soil a couple of years ago and the crop has improved since then. I assume the soil based nutrients aren’t enough for the tree & feel the need to start using fertilizer. (I’ve only noticed the yellow spots this year and had also read somewhere that this could be a potassium deficiency. Please advise).

With regards,


Dear Gautam,

Thanks for the photographs. Yes it seems to be a deficiency symptom. I suggest you to get it sprayed with chelated micronutrients (as I said earlier - Magnesium, Iron and Calcium). There are state grades of micronutrients mixtures available for each state. I suggest you use one of these. I am amazed that you use only urea for your mangoes. I would recommend using 3 Kgs each of urea and SSP and 1 Kg of MOP per tree as soil application every year just before monsoon onset. However, feel free to change the quantities based on soil analysis report or recommendation of your State Agril Univ.


I am also having same problem. The leaves are getting cut as if done by a blade, leaving about 20% in the tree. Searched the net but could not find any pointers as to what is causing this. Any solution to this problem? Preferably organic.

with regards,


Dear Mr Raj,

If possible upload some photographs of the problem that you are facing. As you mentioned that you are interested in organic control measure - spray a neem based product at preferably weekly intervals till the new leaves appear and grow without these problems.

Sorry it took some time, as I waited for new leaves to appear. The pics are attached.

I have attached 3 photos, one a close up of the damage done. Second the fallen leaves and in the third picture two ants which could be the pests causing this.

with regards,


Better cropped photos.


Dear Mr Raj,

I must say a very peculiar problem especially given the way the leaves are cut. I would say it is the work of a defoliator. As such I suggest giving a spray of Choloropyriphos or Quinalphos. Have you tried the neem product spray - did it give you any relief?

I believe the ants are secondary. While the above is only a suggestion, I would also recommend you to consult a local scientist from a nearby Agril University.

Hi All,

As we are into winter is their any particular precautions to be taken for Mango plants? I am not sure if I made a mistake by pruning and grafting a few mango trees as the root stock overtook the original plant. I was adviced by a local nursery guy to prune the trees and graft them which I did. Please let me know any precautions to take.

I also applied some red paint to the bark of the trees to control ants.

After the summer we have rolled up the drip pipes and not yet laid them, is it now the right time to lay the drip pipes and start supplying water to the plants.

I plan to plough the field again before we lay the drip pipes to supply water which we are not doing right now.

Please advice.


to cure your mango problem organically is not possible,if you are ready to use proper pest control i can suggest the remidy.

Hello All,

First of all Wish you and your families a Very Happy New Year.

The Mango plants have started flowering and is there any precaution to be taken now. I now have the drip pipes laid and also tilled the soil. No one has replied to my earlier post as well. Please share your valuable taughts.


To save the flowers you have to spray the plants (from top to bottom including the trunks ,leaves and flower spiks with a mixture of Nuvan@2.5ml/lit +Nuvacron@1.5ml/lit+Diathene M45@2.5 grms/lit+surgrow@3ml/lit.Spray at 15 days interval.
This would be sufficient.

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Dear sir,

Greetings from SAFS Organic!!

I noticed your photos clearly it should be nutrient deficency and fungal disease and pest
In order to control you have to make your soil healthy by giving organic matter& useful microbial content and for fungal disease u have to spray the pseudomonas culture and bio light trap that was recently published in HINDU