Need help with farming totally new to Agriculture. Best way to learn

I am a beginner and have 3 acres of land. Want to grow crops and utilize it. Would also like to grow trees in all the corners. Which trees should be the best. Any good books i should read. Getting fencing done. Your advice would be really appreciated. Thank you for your valuable time.

You can start by attending Mr. Subhash Palekar workshops.  There is one happening in September in UP.
10 to 14 September 2014  Gandhi Auditorium,Near Nagar Palika,
Shahajahanpur (Uttar Pradesh) 

Check this link for details: palekarzerobudgetspiritualfarmin … vents.aspx

Read his books, they can be ordered by calling them at the numbers given at his website.

For this ongoing monsoon, sow the typical crops in your area - use a mix of monocot and dicot crops to improve fertility.  On the fence, you can put long term trees like teak, silver oak, melia dubia, neem, pongamea and useful local shrubs to cover fence.  After getting an experience of one year in your own form, you can start planning plantation crops from next season.  In the mean time, also visit other progressive farmers according to your interest in chemical/organic/natural farming.

Remember not to spend lot of money initially buying things one may not need - agri implements or expensive infrastructure or multiple farm animals etc.  Start small, gain experience, build on successes.

You can get an old timer share cropper(one, with whom you shall carry out joint cultivation  operations)who will work in the farm and simple keep listening to his talks and his actions with rapt attention &if possible join him.You will certainly learn cultivation within a period of one year.You should remain in the farm house and keep taking out weeds,looking after water channels and changes in height of crops,change in the flowers,commencement of main fruits/crops on the plants.If you remain dedicated this way you will excel in farming.The cost paid will be just half your crops for one year.But you will have life long learning at this price.

You may also start with throughly reading this forum, focusing on the areas you’re particularly interested in. Find posts about plants/animals you want to have and read what people have to say. If something is unclear - ask away. People here are extremely friendly and very wise so you will find help in no time! I wish you the best of luck!

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