Need Help with Bore well query!

I am about to start Polyhouse cultivation and i have found a suitable land at Rs.8lakh/acre but it is on a hill and there is no source of water.
And the broker told me that bore well can be constructed for water supply,
but i have heard from a few people that bore well on hill wont give out required amount of water or that it may run dry in summer.
is this true?if so does anyone know of an alternative?

How many acres have you purchased. If the land is a bit sloppy and the BOREWELL POINT is in the bottom side, you can go for RAIN WATER HARVESTING DIRECT BOREWELL RECHARGE TECHNIQUE.

Dear Sir,

Please refer to the link below for your query of drilling a borewell on a hill, If you could name the area where you need to or have purchased the land, I may be able to suggest you something specific for your problem. … ;msg=17701