Need Help - To decide best goat breed for meat production

Dear Farmers,

I am planning to start a goat farm in Tamilnadu with an initial herd size of 100 targeting the meat market.  I need your help in deciding the breed that would best serve the purpose and below are the breed I have in my mind.

  1. Osmanabadi

  2. Thalacherry

  3. Boer

  4. Kodi

  5. Kanni

  6. Osmanabadi - This breed is in top of my list. I would like to speak and confirm with few butchers in my area to decide whether they prefer this breed.

  7. Thalacherry - Heard meat of this breed is not as good as Osmanabadi. But most of the online resources speak about cross breed of Thalacherry and Boer which I don’t think affordable to the butchers at least till now.

  8. Boer - No clue on this one. All the resources say Boer meat is the best quality meat but never heard Boer being slaughtered for meat in India. Few farm owners (don’t want to name them) claims Boer is the future of Indian goat meat industry.
    4 & 5. Kodi & Kanni are local breeds, but I am not sure whether they perform well under stall feed and commercial farm conditions.

Also I am open to other breeds in case if you feel it will better suit my need. Thanks!