Need help on utilising stones accumulated from well digging

Dear All

We are currently in the process of increasing depth of our existing well, during this process we have accumulated large amount of good quality stones, need advise from the veterans of this forum to utilise these stones.

If we plan to sell these stones what kind of usage and people to contact to sell.
We are also planning to build underground water tank (10lakh +) capacity, can we use instead of bricks or other material if this will be cost effective.
What are all other common and cost effective usage of these stones as these stones are piled up one place and it is occupying land would like to use effectively.

We appreciate your opinions

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Dear Sri Sakthi,
Are they sandy stones ( brown/grey colour) or black granite stones.
If they are granite stones ,you can use them as it is in building foundations, and/or in to wall construction by sizing them.
If they are sandy stones, you can use them in raising beds, in rain pits for seapage of rain water in to sils etc.
By selling the stones, you won’t get considerable money.
In your water tank work ,you can use if the stones are of granite.
If sandy/granite stones, and you don’t have any usage, better dig a pit of 15/20 ft depth and to required length and width and fill the stones in it, and at top fill with soil.
With best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer

G.P.Rao sirs views echoed,
One question, what purpose does an additional underground watertank serve if you have an open well?,

G P Rao Sir, During summer ( 3 to 4 months) open well drys out, we use bore well to support during summer, but now a days even bore well also not providing enough water during summer hence we are planning to save some water during monsoon and use it in summer. that is the reason we are planning to have large under ground tank and install drip for irrigation for trees during summer.

Please advise if you feel there are other alternative to address my problem.

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They are black colour stones.

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you can use the stones for making a water harvesting tank (just like swimming pool but without plastic or cement on its sides) on the sides you could use these stones. You will not need to make it underground. Rain collected in this pool will recharge your well water and your borewell water.

The easiest and cheapest way is to make a tent or green house like structure and this roof can collect and channel the rainwater to your well during monsoon. This water gets stored in under ground tanks built by nature over the years. So dont worry your well will never overflow with rainwater… it will be 100 times  bigger tank than the one you plan to build underground.

thanks a ton, my first phase to have a rain water harvesting close to the well and bore well.

thanks for giving details how this can be better utilised with available resources.

Kind Regards