Need help - Any non-agricultural person here who bought agriculture land in Karnataka recently?


I am new to both this forum and agriculture, so kindly bear with me for any newbie mistakes.

I am a non-agriculturist from Bangalore who is interested in legally purchasing a farm land in Karnataka and start with small scale farming. Do we have anybody in farmnest family who has gone through this process? I mean someone who is from non-agri background but was able to purchase agri land in Karnataka?

I got some online legal advice about my situation and it seems I can, but I am not convinced till I personally speak with someone who have gone through this process.
Below is my legal advice thread:

Thanks so much in advance.

Try high yield Napier grass - you can get five to ten lacs per hactre easily.

I have bought recently. No issue. I did not have agricultural background

Hi there. Thanks for your update. Where do you advice to purchase farm land at a reasonable price in and around Bangalore. Thanks

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