Need guidance to start-up Dairy Farming in Kerala with financial assistance from Institutions

I have been following this forum for quite sometime now, regarding Dairy farming. I am writing this on behalf of us, four friends working in the IT industry for around 10 years.
We are planning to start a Dairy farm business in Idukki district of Kerala. We all understand that it is not as easy as saying, as we have been visiting some local farmers who are into dairy farming in small scale.

We are planning to start a small scale farm having around 20-25 Crossbred cows, with expansion in mind. We don’t have any land spared for farming at the prospect place (Idukki). I will write down my questions below; and would humbly request the veterans in the field to provide us with some insights, and guide us in executing our decisions.

  1. Is there any financial assistance provided by any institution (including Govt. agencies) that would provide a loan to us which would be inclusive of land purchase?

  2. How favourable is the district of Idukki for Dairy farming?

  3. What would be the cost of crossbred cows as per the current market, and how can we verify the health and milking statistics of the cow before purchase? Is it possible to request assistance from any Govt. doctors for this?

  4. Where in South India can we get the best Crossbred cows which can acclimatize well and provide maximum yield?

  5. Which one is best recommended for animal waste (cow dung and urine)- a Bio Gas plant or selling to farmers?

  6. There are many confusions about milking machines among the local farmers we have met. Some say that it is not as effective as manual milking; some say it affects the cows’ health in long term. What is the truth about these?

  7. What is the minimum ratio of land required for grazing, for crossbred cows?

  8. We have heard from several people and blogs that for artificial inseminaton of cows, it is recommended to use semen from sources other than government veterinary agencies, for quality. Is this correct?

  9. What is the best feed strategy for crossbred cows? And for the best of the herd’s health, is it necessary to have supplements? Is it required during the dry (non-milking) period?

  10. What are the rates at which Cooperative societies and other organizations like MILMA buy milk from farmers, as per current market?

Thanks in advance for your valuable suggestions and answers.

Many Thanks,
Subeesh BC.