Need guidance to start milk distribution in hyderabad

Hello everyone we are having a diary farm nearer to hyderabad (70 kms). We are selling pure buffalo milk at 40-50rs to local diaries but the amount is not sufficient for maintaince of farm & labour plz anyone suggest me any idea to do milk distribution in hyderabad and need some people who can buy large quantity of milk.Plz any one guide me tqq all.

Sir you have plenty of oppurtunities in and around hyderabad. All you need to do is just find a market place of yours like some community homes who can consume large quantities of milk, it might be one of the solution. But now a days people are more health conscious and they are even ready to pay good amount for a quality product. You just try to procure small milk processing machne like pasteurization and packaging which are available at a good price now a days.
With out a good market place in hand you cannot succeed in business. First study the market grab some consumers now you are good to go.

Dear Sri Lakshmana Reddy,

If you are a full time Dairy Farmer, it is not much difficult to get good price for your quality milk. Not only quality milk by telling, you have to be transparent also to show consumers that it is a good quality milk also.

Here I want to mention about one dairy farmer of Mysore, Karnataka, which i have visited long back, more than a couple of years back. It was with only 7 or 8 cows. Presently i don’t know but confident that it will be doing very well and must be a bigger one also, because of the farmers dedication.

Name of the dairy farm may not be correct to mention here, but it was in Mysore, Karnataka. He was a NRI and with kept/converted dedicated staff. He was very transparent and also made the consumers also have confidence on his dairy farm and its daily activities, because he made it to open to all, with very little fee and with possible provided facilities.

With in no time , he got full demand and it was around rs 45/_ rs 50/_ per ltr, min qty 2 ltrs per day and to be booked by paying months amount as advance and the bottle also to be of the consumer. I hope the price of one ltr cow milk now must be , much more than what it was a couple of years back.

Now I suggest you to visit that dairy in Mysore, observe and try to tune further and I am sure you will get much more than what you are getting now for Buffalo milk. Be sincere, with hard working nature and fully transparent to consumers, and hope you will be very successful in your farm activities.

One fact that never to be forget that consumers should believe us for quality.

With best wishes, g.p.rao, farmer

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Hello Lakshmana Reddy Garu,
Can I visit your farm and we can discuss on the milk marketing. if you are comfortable please do let me know.
My name is Vamsidhar. My Whatsapp number 9963246664