Need guidance on the water pump that need to be used for pumping water to drip line from farm pond

Hi All,
I have a farm pond from which the water need to be pumped to drip line.
Can someone suggest what kind of electrical motor pump should I go for.
Land is five acres near hyderabad and pump need to be connected to a sand filter.

U have missed some info, if u say u need a sand filter in a farm pond , is it natural or man made pond ?
Best to use a over an over the surface pump since the depth of water is not too low( surface pumps can draw from a Max 25ft practically) but have maximum discharge.
If u have a drip system installed the discharge rate will be the deciding factor.

If u use a submersible pump check the link below:

Open field irrigation will need more discharge than drip system. Plan that entire land can be irrigated in Max 10 days because of small plot size.