Need Guidance on choice of crop

Hi Friends,
My grandfather has some farmlands. As he is old, the farms are now given on lease to other farmers.
We had rice cultivation till my grandfather stopped looking after the farms because of age.
My father works in a Govt PSU and I am working in IT industry and we never could learn the art of farming from my grandfather.  :-[
We are from Orissa, my father is retiring next year, I am working in Pune, Maharashtra. I want my father to stay with me in Pune, after he retires.

My long childhood wish to take care of our ancestral farms is still alive and I want to end the lease and do something productive with our land.
But I have my own career in IT industry which I am passionate about and want to pursue in Pune, which leaves little time to take care of the farm lands.
My father and the relatives will surely help with it.

I need guidance on which crop/plantation will be best suitable for my purpose, please suggest me something which won’t be taking lot of regular attention, which will produce good return on investment in long run and which will have low risk of theft if left unattended.

Thanks & Regards,

sir ,pls send the detail of your farn land and your contact adress or number

thanking you

Sudarshan Sir,
Have ancestral land holdings in the shape of mango farms.
Dont have much knowledge or experience about agri/horticulture.
Mango crop is theft prone.Also, crop very erratic due to climatic vagaries.
What more can be grown on the farms,which will need les attention and wont be labour intensive.

There are 40 trees to an acre.
Rafiq Yusuf.

Soya bean (but it will destroy your land sooner or later), Ginger/turmeric are good ideas.

I agree you like to take it easy, but toiling on one’s own lands is a pleasure and imperative.