Need guidance on cashew farming

Hello sir
We have 40 acres of Hilly land in kokan region and we are planning for cashew orchard.
I have some query regarding the cashew orchard. So please help me out
1 . what should be the distance between two Cashew plant. As l read some farmers also go for high density cashew plantation (300 to 400 plants per acre)
2.which seeds should we go for?
3 intercrops in cashew plantation
4.can we go for black pepper on cashew plant? market of cashews work. What minimum rate one can get for 1 kg
6.what about Cashew processing it okay to go for honey bee Pollination in cashew plantation? Does it increase the yield.
8 . after 5 yrs of plantation. how much money can be made per acre.?

Hi Mr. Vivek,

My name is Siddharth. Good to know that you are planning a big cashew orchard.
Cashew along with mango and black pepper is very profitable in Konkan region.
You may combine it with bamboo and jackfruit to diversify your incomes.

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Siddharth Dialani

Hi Siddarth, What is the success rate of High density cashew farming ? Have you helped any farmers in this area? Please provide details.


We recommend farmers to not opt for high density cashew plantations.

It may look profitable in short term, but is difficult to manage in long term.

We recommend you to adopt a spacing of 6m by 6m that has proved to be most profitable.

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Thank you Siddharth for your valuable information. I will contact you for further details.