Need good advice main plant Malabar neem

Thanks all I read a good information here . I am going to plant 6000 plants include Malabar neem ,mango, white sandal wood with drip . I need information regarding fertilizers wether organic or else any for best growth and any suggestions good practices in this. Spacing 4 feet 1 neem 4 feet 1 mango 4 feet 1white sandal in a row and distance 10 feet between rows . Does this plan workout

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Thank you Sir, Being the Plantations you made are Forest Plantations, there is no need of any Special Care with Organic Farming. However it is better to Provide Farm Yard Manure in the Pits as much as possible.

But the Distance you made are no at all practicable. It will be Congested.
Further we are not suggesting particularly white Sandal and Red Sandal.

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please dont put all your eggs in one basket. today there is good rate for melia dubia, in future there is no guarantee as many are growing same. try to diversify in agro forestry.

agar wood (perfume)
teak, silver oak, (timber)
gmelina arborea (gamar) (timber & ayurvedic medicine)
bamboo, (handicrafts)
casuarina , paulownia elongata (paper)

there are many more trees…

melia dubia plantation needs a spacing of 15x15 feet for optimal growth. plz dont be greedy & plant in congested ways. if it is borders then 7 feet gap is enough.