Need feedback on VST Mitsubishi Shakti tractors


We are in the process of evaluating tractors for purchase. as of now, zeroed on VST mitsubishi shakti models. Please share your feedback on VT 180 and VT 224 models.

Also, if you are the owner of one of these VST Mitsubishi tractors and live in Mangalore/Udupi area, please let us know your contact details. We would like to come and see the performance of the tractor at your farm.

-Ganapathi Bhat

I have VT224 1D. I use it for transporting and shredding of biomass. so far I dont have any complaints. Mine is no till method so I didnot buy rotovator or cultivator. so it is not evaluated in that regard.

You can also check/review Kamco

Dear ganapati, earlier we had one  vst 18hp tractor. Performance wise it was good, the only issue we had was service and spares.for any kind of repair we had to wait for weeks,either for want of spares or the availability of technician. Pls make sure the dealer in your area assures you of spares availability and service.__good luck.
        Prathap… … dra-245-di
This tractor fits into the width dimensions that we are looking for. Please share your feedback on this model

Looks like a good competitor for Kubota B2420 - didn’t know of this launch.

Impressive specs; especially the Position control and Automatic draft control look interesting. Coming from Mahindra, I would expect a cheaper maintenance cost. I can’t make out if it is 4 wheel drive.

Of course, like we discussed on another thread, a minitractor wouldn’t do regular tilling and will be strenuous if you have a large area to cover for any operation.