Need community opinion to start a farming business in Uttar Pradesh

Hi everyone

I am Amit from Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh. i have 20 acres of land and started farming since last 2 years. i have a lot of interest in agriculture and dairy farming, and on my opinion i believe there is a lot of earning potential in this business.

Hope to get some interesting ideas

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want to setup hightech greenhouse  for vegetable farming. Does any one know about how much cost & subsidy on green house. please give me detail if anyone knows . . . . .

Dear Amitrid sir, To construct an acre green house,say 4000 sq mtrs,a naturally ventilated green house,  it will cost you around 25 lakhs to 30 lakhs depending upon the green house builder and materials used for its construction. If you go for fan and pad system the cost will be more. Now a days the cost of GI pipes, poly films,shade netsmaterials, increased abnormally. Besides this, you need drip irrigation system to be installed which will cost you around Rs 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh,depending upon the company and crop.                                                                                                                                                                If you are going for a vegetable crop like Tomato,colour capsicum , cucumber etc, the cost of cultivation like for fertilisers,bed preparation,cost of seeds etc is extra, which may be 2 to 4 lakhs depending upon the crop and company seed etc.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Regarding subsidy,the NHB,govt of india is giving 20% cost as back end subsidy and state govt are giving through NHM  and it defers from state to state. If you are a dedicated farmer,you can get good profits provided you catch hold of  good market wish you all the best .  g.prao,  farmer

Dear Mr.Amit

Thanks for your interest in Agriculture.Since you have very good market for can start vegetable farming.By using latest technology you can reap more harvest.Also you can sale your products in Delhi market.If you need any consultancy.You may contact me.



One poly house of 1000 sq mtrs shall cost you approximately Rs 7.5 lakhs.The state provides 50% subsidy on polyhouse constructon.In addition you can also get 50% subsidy on drip irrigation system to be  fitted inside the poly house.

dear r c dixit
can you give me more detail about polyhouse constructon and one more thing whom to contact for 50 % subsidy

thank you Dr.T.V.RADHAKRISHNAN soon i will contact you

Dear Amit
Poly house can be constructed through two means either it is fabricated structure or it is bamboo based preparation which is cheaper.The prefabricated poly house shall be long lasting but bamboo based poly house shall be exposed to white ants and other natural degradation factors & hence shall be shorter in longevity.Regarding the subsidy etc please contact your local Krishi vigyan kendra officer in charge who shall guide you regarding subsidy on poly house and subsidy on drip irrigation.In case their advise is not forthcoming please approach me for needful.I shall pass the pertinent information on your e mail.I will appreciate to remain in mass communication so that others may also benefit through these interactions.

Thanks a lot Mr. Rao. It was very useful information.

I am a software professional  in Hyderabad .My father & uncle are farmers in eastern U.P. I really want to start my own business in agriculture next year at my hometown. Greenhouse is my first choice. I am trying to get  maximum information about it.

Can you please answer below questions?

  1. The cost which you mentioned in the above post is excluded land cost… right?

  2. I have budget of 10 lacs only. Is there any support from government (in terms of loan) , for greenhouse?

  3. As i read somewhere that even some private firms are supporting farmers for it with some terms & conditions. Is this really happening? If yes, what is the process?

4.Near Hyderabad,  how & where I can get the practical experience of greenhouse. I think only online experience is not enough.

Thanks much :slight_smile:

Ankur Saini