Need Business Ideas


I am Misha. My father is a farmer in Uttar Pradesh West. we own about 70 acres  of land and have a mango orchard which is spread across 40 acres of land. I am a journalist but wish to go back and settle with my parents back home. I was looking for suggestion and ideas of agri business that could help me go further into the direction. The land is pretty suitable for vegetables, rice, wheat, paddy and sugarcane and of course mangoes but over the years due to weather fluctuations, there have been losses in produce. Kindly suggest something to get over the losses as well.

if you want to start business in yours village then you start in nursery and manufacturer some tree

What is your irrigation source? What is average rain fall in your locality? (you can google and find from govt document)
Is labour available?

Resp Misha Singh,

Your area is very near to Luknow. There are so many new, high yielding Mango, jamun and Guava Varieties are released by Central Institute of Subtrophical Horticulture, luknow. Pl get in touch with them .

In the recent promising varieties of mango, jamun and guava, you can make not only good money, but you can produce good, mouth watering fruits and good employment farm labour also.

you can reach them ,on 05222841022 , 0522841023 ,0522841027.

with best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer