Need advise on , Soil conditions, land selectiions and cultivations


I have already posted in another thread for valuable advise.  Have selected a land ie 30 acre in a foothill of western ghats in Shenkotai-Thenkasi, Thirunelveli dist, Tamilandu,

Objective of land/agri farming : Self and my close buddy jointly buying the land and get this land convert to a commercial agri farm where we can produce maximum organic products, with commercial sustainability., So we can have our passion and enthusisuam to agri complied and a also generate some revenue. Targeting to convert this selected land as an EDEN within next 10 years.

Request Gurus, members and expertise please please help … I take this opportunity to thank our member Mr. Krishnan to provide all valuable advise on time time… thanks again…

I will upload snaps of soil condition and present conditions of land, Land is in slop (not big slop) form hill side to down. adjoining all lands are flat. due to as vally in western ghat in kerala-tamilandu border this area gets two monsoon. Land has one bore well of working condition. depth is 600feet, but pipes errected 200feet only. have a very deep open well and present care take use this open well as water storage tanks. this land is not looked after since long so most of the vegetation like coconut, amla and mango trees are not health. land is aprx 3km from main road but the path is in horrible condition during monsoon. only tractors can be used in monsoon.  The hill shown in snap is forest area and deers, kezha, bore, peacock and some time elephenst is frequent in the land.  Whether we can believe words of caretaker on water availability in summer , am not sure

So in my little knowledge I can see following threats/hardships

  • Top soil might have washed away.Sand content is visible. So please suggest whether this land is fertile in look. if no whether it is practically possible to convert to fertile

  • due to close to hilly and in kerala-tn border there may be heavy wind. So limited crops can be cultivate.  I hope can cultivate, Marigold flowers, vegetables, groundnuts, cocount, mango tress, amla, vettiveru and green fodder for diary farm planned in my home town Kindly advise your expertise and opinions… and your diligence to identify any flows in this plan.

  • heavy water flow due to non level land and close to hill side, Hope can dig water harvesting pits and channalise water flow from hill to avoid soil damage. In kerala we built small bunds (land level walls with stone) called “Kayala” in every slop to prevent soil eradision But in Tamilandu land I could not see the same. whether practically such bunds are possible may be advised… or any other solutions to regulate heavy water flow and avoid soil damage

  • wild animal bores, deers, elephants.  hope it can be prevented/controlled by Solar Fencing and other as member Manu advised . Please advise any more threats can be expected from wild animals even in such controls,.

  • labours : lucky to have labor family in the farm. Will do maximum mechanisation. awaiting comments

  • Path /road access to the land. condition in Mansoon. Hope can arrange some consortium of near by farms and get the road/path developed .

looking forward for more valuable evaluations…


more snaps

more snaps

more snaps

more snaps

You studied everything rightly and opted appropriate remedial actions.
You can enrich the soil with present status, you can also protect the crops as per your option of solar fence.
Selection crops needs to decide upon one;s own personal verification of facts and circumstances of the land and the market trends around the land.
It is always proven success is the owner should be present to know each and every part of the land to do something better to enhance productivity of the land for their better feature.
Wishing you all the best.

Dear rmathewsin,

Please see my comments inline.

Padmanabhan Ganesan

Respected Swamiji,

thanks lot for your valuable encouragements and feed backs over phone as well as on this thread.

Respected Padmanabhanji,

Excellent… millions of thanks. from the bottom of heart I thank for such in depth and detailed assessment. Noted all your observations, Sir we were on the move to acquire land as passion and a major change over phase in our life. There are lot of adverse situations in this land. Further and close looking force us  to rethink on this land. Checked with the care take of the farm, he said wild animals are frequent irrespective of summer or rain. Owner is not revealing data completely. Care taker who is a lbour says with solar fencing can protect all animals> so he might be not looked in to aspects as you said, bores can dig and invade. This are most infected/disturbed by Wild deer, and bores…

the catching point was land is cheaper and it was in foot hill of the western ghat. but if we can not indulge for a integrated farming as we dreamed with our all life long saving then it would be waste and suicidal.

anyway am search is on for more better land. Just find another land on the bank of Karuppa nadi dam. will share more details once moved on this land…

once again thanks lot.