Need advise for coconut variety

I have close to 5 Acres in tamil nadu (close to western ghats), planning to do 2 to 3 acres with coconut. Please help me with a good yield.

Any hybrid or dwarf varieries with long life >50 years?

Kindly advice if I can do team or Kumil tree as intercrop in coconut (due to hybrid or dwarf)?

You can go in for SAMPOORNAM, from DEEJAY FARMS.
Have a copy of my receipt 29/09/2016, for 61 saplings.
Certified & can visit their site to know for yourself about the authenticity of the product, purely scientific.
Drawback - Rino beetles LOVE this tree…it is a nerve racking pest …keeps you sleepless !
Advantage - (1) When done (spraying, watering, manuring, etc) as per their printed manual for 26 month (the total months for first yield), the tree grows BEAUTIFULLY, can be seen in my farm. (2) The water is a little over 500 ml, and very sweet.

Could you share your field pictures sir. How to protect from the Rino beetles. What is the yield. Have you grown their pushkala variety. My whatsapp number 9443611234

Thank you sir, people also suggest Ramganga but not sure how to decide between two?

Ramganga is a good variety. I know the promoters personally. We are also planning to plant 250 plants of ramganga variety in our field.

Hebasore nursary provide Desi tall breed of Coconut. First yield is after 8 years. Seek the openion of experienced farmers on this pl

Ramganga or Deejay variety mostly have a connection with Ganga bondam . These hybrids are mostly derived from Dwarf * Tall varieites .
While high yielding plants/trees require high maintenance , the regular tall and dwarf varieties require lesser maintenance .
On my farm I have a mix of tall ,dwarf and hybrids .
TN govt offers seedlings at about Rs40 for tall and Rs 60 for dwarf varieties .
FOr the production to stabilise it takes atleast 6 years for any coconut tree and all this 26 months , 36 months is just the first flowering stage .

pls watch this below link 2.5years start yielding every 2 months 60 fruits per tree pls watch below link msg me

thiruvaiyar 3 ragam thennai pls contact ka.sey.selvam scientist thiru vaiyaru

Any idea where the saplings can be bought ? price of the variety ?

To control Rino beetles you have to spray monochloroposphate. I used MONOPROPAS, costing Rs. 590/- a liter. Used it once in 15 days for almost 1 year. Also inspect the trees every 3 or 4 days and can see the beetle having entered the top leaf at the shoot beginning. Then just poke in a 6 mm road (you carry it on your walks) and can dig it out.

Out of the 61 trees only 52 survived (Very tough time), but now i am HAPPY. On the 33rd month the first tree shot the flower (and facing South…very lucky it seems), shall send the photo to your Whatsapp #.
Antony Raj

Rhino beetles are less dangerous than red weevil . I used extensive pesticides , but now I have resorted to different methods of containing them . Right now I am experimenting on used engine oil which is being poured into the top 3 leaves . I will know the results in a few days . Used engine oil is cheaper to get and I am hoping that the weevils and beetles will die due to suffocation or drowning . Finely sieved river sand is also applied after the engine oil to suffocate the beetles .


  This is a great idea. River sand will not drop off and stick to

the oil !

  My trees have past this stage, now 33 mths and one tree has

flowered last month. However this threat is always there.

  Kindly let me know if you encounter any problem with this

oil+sand treatment (Trap).

CAUTION:- While putting fertiliser all around the tree check for the plumpy worms of the Rhino beetle growing right under the tree itself ! I found this in all the trees in our farm. We have sprinkled PHORATE 10 CG—(Systemic insecticide) powder, 100 gms in one packet, 1 pkt for 4 to 5 trees. Of course the stink is unbearable for a few days. Also be careful of your livestock coming anywhere near these treated trees.

Hi,I think engine oil will have adverse effects on plant growth,50/50,river sand neem cake mixture filled in the top three leaf axils or naphthalene balls once in three months is an option.

Kerosene kills young coconut plants when poured in the leaf axils

Be careful with mineral oils

Don’t experiment on many

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