Need Advice

Hello Sir,

My Name is Narendra .I am  from Andhra Pradesh near vizianagaram  . I have four acres of farm Land . 2 acres of farm is having banginpally mangoes and some rasalu . I want to do intercropping here . Can you suggest me what is the best one to grow organically.

Another two acres of land is forest land . It has never been touched . I mean tilled or chemicals added from 10 years . Has around 200 teak trees . I want to clear the unused bush go for horticulture and raising country chicken  which is quite demanding  .I want to do organic farming .Here water source is good , which is best crop to generate income permanently .
I can invest money and time sir.


Dear Sri Narendra,

You can grow any short duration crops pertaining to cereals, or vegetables, or green manure crops and/or flower crops like mari gold, chrysanthemums etc, if you have sufficient water source.

As mango plants are monster eaters and will not encourage other big trees, I suggest you not to go for long duration fruit and/or flower crops.

In the new land, which is with teak trees , clear all the bushy plants, make weed less, and go for any fruit/or plantation crops. Keep it in mind that country chicken is very fond of new shoots of any plant and hence you should not introduce them in to the land, when the plants in it are at a height lesser than 3 ft . For example if you plant tissue teak plants, pl wait for 3 to 4 months, and in that time shoot height will be more than 6 ft, or go for guava fruit plant , in 8 months the shoot area height will be more than  4 ft and at those heights, the country chickens can not spoil the plants shoot portions.

If you go for country chickens, construct a shed with a measurment of 1.5 sq ft area x no of chickens for night stay with fully meshed and also protect the land with wire mesh of size 2 inch x 2 inch with 6 ft height ,all around the 2 acres.

For short term gains ,guava is better and for long term gains ,teak is better. In teak , go for tissue culture and in guava, go for Allahabad safeda, L 49, or VNR Bihi varieties. you can go for sapota, aple ber, papaya, banana, custard apple, if you want fruit varieties.

With best wishes,      g.p.Rao,      farmer

Hello G.P Rao  Sir,

Thanks for your valuable guidance . In my forest land said below how about if I plant Deejay sampoorna coconut variety with guava intercropping . Is it good for  both of them .  And after 5 - 6 months I can introduce country chicken .

Can you recommend me good country chicken which are good .

thanks and Regard

\Dear Sri Narendra,

Deejay Sampoorna is a good hybrid coconut variety. This grows slowly and in  2 to 3 years you will get yielding ( starts ), and fruits, flowers shoot will be at the land bottom level only, and it requires minimum 4 to 5 more years to grow, and to come, more than 3 ft height. you can not introduce , country chicken birds ,Till then.

Guava plants do well in coconut gardens as inter cropping. Guava plants will be ready in around 8 months , to allow the country chicken birds, as they grow more than 4 ft, shoot point.

One farmer, sri Manohar/Manju is selling country chicken birds of one day old, near Srirangapatnam  near Mysore, karnataka. contact number is 09945262003.  Also, You can collect some quantity in villages and in sandy’s also. You can multiply them in due coarse at your farm.

Country chicken cross varieties are available with Agri/Horti/veternary universities and also with CPDO ( central poultry Development organisations ), for south India, in Hesarghatta, Bengaluru, Karnataka, and contact number is 080-28566262. You can book one day birds with them and they do well, ( can attain a weight of 2.5 kilo in 20 weeks time ).

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer