Need Advice - what to cultivate?

Dear and Respected Co-farmers,
I have land about 8 acres and i have cultivated Amla and sugarcane. Still about 20 cents of land is remaining. I will really appreciate if you give your valuable ideas on what to cultivate in such a small land. It will be great if your ideas rely about less-time consuming plants and price reliable.
Thanks again for taking your efficient time on reading my post.
Loving young farmer,


Check out the following link, it may give you some idea

price reliability depends on where you are e.g. if there is bumper crop then price will go down. with around 20 cents i’d suggest go with something which is a default item in anyone’s dinner / lunch plate or maybe cultivate stevia or some other medicinal crop as a proof of concept

With 20 cents you can go for mutiple vegetable for your self consumption nothing much commercial, you may want to try country chicken farming that space is ideal and more over they will enter the sugar cane feild and take care of your weeds and also keep adding maure.


Dear Mr,
If it is small piece of  it  is better to go for polyhouse cultivation of vegetables  .


Hi srik, i am sivakumar, basically horticulturist,doing farm consultant since 1992, ps go for cultivation of amaranthas(keerai)green leaf vegetable,i am specialised in amla cultivation(makkal tv prog jan 5,6,2011, programme name Mallarum boomi 6.40 to 7pm ,2days ps search makkal tv)0r mallarum vellanmai magazine july 2011,book relese from kovai)if any clarification ps contact: M.sivakumar,9994223396,

You can cultivate flowers which can be come for 40-50 days,so in the month dec n Jan they have good demand and price.or go for vegetables, easy to manage for land abt 20 cents.

Amonmg all the things it is better to go for PAVM Moringa Trees in the Small Pice of Land which will get you an abundent Yield.

Pl. go through the following Link. … 151500.htm

Vasudha Green Farms,